The Brinstar Escape Shaft is a level found in SSBM's Adventure Mode. It is a somewhat short, vertical level with a few platforms. The player must reach the top before the time runs out, or they will lose one stock and move on to the next level (unless that was the last stock, of course).

A warning before emergency at Brinstar.

Ganondorf at the top of the Brinstar Escape Shaft.

It is playable in Vs. mode matches if the game is hacked, though touching the teleporter may cause undesirable effects.


Self-destruct countdowns are a recurring theme in Metroid games, with large shafts like these being typically being the last thing between Samus and escape from the impending explosion.


  • Jigglypuff can complete this stage very quickly using its Shield Jump technique.
  • For one who is attempting to earn all the bonuses in the game, this is a good place to pick up Last Second (finish a stage/match with 1 second remaining) and Lucky Seven (finish a stage/match with 7 seconds remaining). Since no damage is possible here, you do not earn bonuses such as Impervious.
  • Even if you do not finish the course, you still go to the next stage. It is never possible to try this stage again.
  • If you decide to continue on (that is only if you do not complete the escape course & lose your last stock), the Brinstar planet explosion clip is not played. Therefore skipped to the clip of the next stage

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