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The Boxing Ring (特設リング Tokusetsu Ringu?, "Special Ring") is a stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and has returned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This stage originates from the Punch-Out!! Series, but it has an alternate version, where it is themed for the Super Smash Bros. series. The Boxing Ring was featured in Little Mac's reveal trailer.


A generic indoor stadium with a jumbotron, with a visible audience in the background, and fights taking place in a boxing ring. It has been shown that characters can stand on the ropes surrounding the ring and perform spring jumps off of them for extra height. It has also been shown that the lights high above can be knocked down to make the room darker, with the falling lights causing a powerful explosion.

It was shown to have "Smash Bros." signs and symbols initially, which made it unclear whether the stage was from Punch-Out!!, or if it was an original Smash stage. At Little Mac's reveal, however, the Smash symbols were shown replaced with Punch-Out!! logos, showing that the stage is indeed a Punch-Out!! stage as was speculated since the stage's reveal. This led people to believe the Smash symbols were just placeholders to hide the fact it was a Punch-Out!! stage and by extension Little Mac's inclusion in the earlier trailers, but in a later Miiverse post by Sakurai, it was confirmed that the earlier seen Smash version will be another version of the stage. It's unknown at this time if there will be any non-aesthetic differences between the versions. Players can choose which version they want to play on the 3DS by pressing the R Button and the ZR Button on the Wii U for the Smash Bros. version or the Y Button for the Punch-Out!! version. Otherwise, the version will be random.

Initially this stage seemed to be exclusive to the Wii U version of the game, though with Little Mac's reveal, a 3DS version has been confirmed.


In every home-console Punch-Out!! game, the player plays as Little Mac as he works his way up in professional boxing circuits to become the World Video Boxing Association (WVBA) champion. The last circuit that Little Mac goes through is the World Circuit. The Punch-Out!! variation of this stage is loosely based on the World Circuit boxing ring that appears in Punch-Out!! for the Wii.

The concept of the ring itself seems to originate on King Dedede's boxing ring from the early Kirby games, as well as taking its modern-day elements from the recent Punch-Out!! games, including the scrolling text in the background; however, the text in Punch-Out!! read "World Circuit" rather than "Punch-Out!!".

Character titles

The giant screen of this stage in the Wii U version reenacts the multi-screen effect seen in the arcade version of Punch-Out!!, it will also display their aliases:

Character Alias Flag of the United States Alias Flag of Europe Alias Flag of Japan
MarioMr. Video Game Himself Smashes Bricks with His Fistsミスタービデオゲーム
("Mister Video Game")
LuigiThe Eternal Understudy Lean, Green Fighting Machine緑の人気もの
("The Green Favorite")
PeachPrincess of Toadstools Princess of the Mushroom Kingdomキノコ王国のお姫様
("Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom")
DaisySarasaland's Chipper Princess
BowserKing of the Koopas カメ族の大魔王
("Great Demon King of the Turtle Tribe")
YoshiOmnivore of the Year He's Not Yolking Aroundヨースター島のくいしんぼう
("Yostar Island's Glutton")
Rosalina & LumaThe Cosmic Travelers Cosmic Travellers星の旅人
("Travelers of the Stars")
Bowser Jr.Prince of the Koopas Like Father, Like Son万能のチャリオット
("The Versatile Chariot")
LarryThe YoungestLeader of the Seven Minions
RoyThe Cool OneFear the Shades
WendyThe Bold BeautyBold, Bossy and Big-Headed
IggyThe Laughing Prankster
MortonThe EnforcerHe'll Make You See Stars
LemmyWacky War MachineLet's Get Wacky
LudwigPompous Prodigy
WarioScoundrel with a Fart of Gold 圧巻の悪漢
("The Best of the Best")
Mr. Game & WatchMaster of Two Dimensions 平面世界の住人
("Resident of the Flat World")
Donkey KongKing of the Jungle ジャングルの王者
("King of the Jungle")
Diddy KongThe Acrobat Trigger Happy with His Peanut Popgun南国の軽業師
("Tropical Acrobat")
King K. RoolThe Kremling Commander
LinkHero of Hyrule (3DS/Wii U)

Champion of Hyrule (Ultimate)

("The Triforce of Courage")
ZeldaHyrule's Wise Princess ハイラルの王女
("The Princess of Hyrule")
SheikThe Illusive SheikahA Sheikah Shrouded In Mystery 闇に舞う旋風
("The Whirlwind Dancing in the Darkness")
Young Link Master of the Ocarina
GanondorfThe King of DarknessThe King of Evil 蘇る魔王
("The Reviving Demon King")
Toon LinkWind-Waking Warrior Wave-Riding, Wind-Waking Warrior大海原の戦士
("Warrior of the Great Sea")
SamusBounty Hunter Extraordinare Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire凄腕バウンティハンター
("Go-Getter Bounty Hunter")
Zero Suit SamusThe Warrior Within Low Armour, High Agility美しき銀河の戦士
("Beautiful Galactic Warrior")
RidleyCunning God of Death
Dark SamusPhazon Incarnate
Ice Climbers Bone-Chilling Duo
PitCaptain of Lady Palutena's Guard Lady Palutena's Captain of the Guard パルテナ軍親衛隊隊長
("Palutena Army Royal Guard Captain")
PalutenaGoddess of Light 光の女神
("Goddess of Light")
MarthThe Hero-KingThe Legendary Hero-King 紋章の王子
("Prince of the Emblem")
IkeThe Radiant Hero of LegendThe Radiant Hero 蒼炎の勇者
("The Blue Flame Hero")
RobinThe Tactician MagicianTome-Toting Strategist 自警団の名軍師
("The Distinguished Tactician of the Vigilant Corps")
KirbyThe Pink Puffball (3DS/Wii U)

The Pink Demon (Ultimate)

Gritty in Pink ピンクの悪魔
("Pink Demon")
King DededeThe King of Dream Land (3DS/Wii U)

Self-Made King (Ultimate)

Says He's King, And That's That自称大王
("Self-Proclaimed Great King")
Meta Knight The Masked Swordsman 仮面の剣士
("Masked Swordsman")
Little MacBruiser from the Bronx The Only Numbers He Knows Are "One-Two" 不屈の闘魂
("Unyielding Fighting Spirit")
FoxLeader of Star Fox Never Gives Up! Trusts His Instincts! 雇われ遊撃隊長
("Hired Guerrilla Captain")
FalcoProud Space Ace 宇宙のエースパイロット
("Space Ace Pilot")
WolfThe Silver Space Wolf
PikachuPika Pika! The Electric Mouse Pokémon 雷撃のねずみポケモン
("Lightning Mouse Pokémon")
PichuShockingly Adorable
JigglypuffThe Sleepy Singer The Delightful Balloon Pokémon 魅惑のふうせんポケモン
("Captivating Balloon Pokémon")
Pokémon TrainerWants to Be the Very Best
CharizardBlazing Fury 新たなる進化
("New Evolution")
LucarioMaster of AuraExudes Power 波導の勇者
("Wave-Guiding Hero")
GreninjaMaster of Stealth The Unpredictable Ninja Pokémon 神出鬼没のしのびポケモン
("Elusive Shinobi Pokémon")
IncineroarThe Ring's Raging Flame
Duck HuntBark, Quack, Boom! The Most Unlikely of Partnerships異色の共演
("Co-star of a Different Color")
R.O.B.The Last of His Kind Robotic Obliterating Buddy 灼熱のロボビーム
("Incandescent Robo Beam")
NessThe PSI Powerhouse PSIを持つ少年
("The Boy with PSI")
Captain FalconThe Supersonic Slugger Supersonic F-Zero Pilot 音速のF-ZEROパイロット
("Sound Speed F-Zero Pilot")
VillagerMayor of Smashville スローライフの伝道師
("Slow Life Preacher")
IsabelleThe Mayor's Assistant
OlimarVeteran Astronaut ベテラン宇宙飛行士
("Veteran Astronaut")
AlphAstronaut in Training Novice Explorer, Engineering Pro若き宇宙整備士
("Young Space Mechanic")
Wii Fit TrainerYoga Warrior She'll Make You Feel the Burn! 今日も一緒にダイエット
("Dieting Together Today")
Wii Fit TrainerThe BMI Bandit He'll Blast Your Core! 今日も元気に筋肉美
("Pepping Up Fine Muscles Today")
Dr. MarioThe Prescriber Fists Full of Medicineカプセルの弾幕
("Capsule Barrage")
Dark PitDark-Winged Doppelgänger 黒き翼
("Black Wings")
LucinaWarrior from a Doomed Future Defiant of Destiny未来を知る王女
("The Princess Knowing the Future")
ShulkThe VisionaryHas Visions of Victory 穏やかに秘めた力
("Gently Hidden Force")
Pac-ManThe Yellow Bane of GhostsGhost-Gobbler 黄色い伝説
("Yellow Legend")
Mega ManBlue Metal Hero (3DS/Wii U)

The Blue Bomber (Ultimate)

The Blue Bomber 青きメタルヒーロー
("Blue Metal Hero")
SonicThe Blue BlurSpeed is His Game 世界最速のハリネズミ
("The World's Fastest Hedgehog")
Snake The Legendary Mercenary
Mii BrawlerThe Brawler of Many Faces 千の顔を持つ格闘家
("Martial Artist with a Thousand Faces")
Mii SwordfighterThe Swordfighter of Many Faces 千の顔を持つ剣士
("Swordsman with a Thousand Faces")
Mii GunnerThe Gunner of Many Faces 千の顔を持つ射撃手
("Gunner with a Thousand Faces")
MewtwoA Legend Reawakens 覚醒する遺伝子
("Awakened Genes")
LucasBoy from NowhereThe Tazmilian Devil タツマイリの少年
("Boy from Tazmilly")
RoyThe Young Lion 若き獅子
("The Young Lion")
Chrom Prince of Ylisse
RyuTireless Wanderer (3DS/Wii U)

Eternal Wanderer (Ultimate)

("Tireless Wanderer")
KenThe Fire-Breathing Fist
CloudSOLDIER 1st Class ソルジャー・クラス1st
("SOLDIER 1st Class")
CorrinBlood of Dragons 竜の血族
(Blood of Dragons)
BayonettaUmbra Witch アンブラの魔女
(Umbra Witch)
InklingPart Kid, Part Squid
SimonEvil's Whip-Wielding Bane
RichterAzure Vampire Assassin
Piranha Plant Bloom of Your Doom
Joker The Great Phantom Thief
Hero (Luminary) The Luminary
Hero (Erdrick) The Legendary Hero
Hero (Solo) The Zenithian Hero
Hero (Eight) The Dragovian Descendant
Banjo & Kazooie Laid-Back Animals

Songs in My Music


  • Jogging / Countdown
  • Minor Circuit

Wii U

  • Jogging/Countdown
  • Minor Circuit (NES Remix)
  • Minor Circuit (Wii Original)
  • Title (Punch-Out!! Wii)
  • World Circuit Theme
  • Culdcept
  • Shin Onigashima Medley
  • Tomorrow's Passion



  • This is one of the 9 stages in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U that does not appear in the Classic Mode for that game, the other 8 being Jungle Hijinxs, 75m, Temple, The Great Cave Offensive, Flat Zone X, Palutena's Temple, Gaur Plain, and Miiverse.
  • As Punch-Out!! is itself a fighting game series, Boxing Ring is one of only four stages in the Super Smash Bros. series to be featured as a stage in fighting games outside of the Super Smash Bros. series, the others being Green Hill Zone, Suzaku Castle, and Pyrosphere.
  • Holding the Left and Right shoulder buttons will always make the Boxing Ring be the Smash Bros. variant in the 3DS version, holding the L button, will be a Smash Bros. themed stage and by pressing the Y button, it will be a Punch-Out!! themed stage. Selecting it normally will choose the theme randomly.
  • The alias for R.O.B. is a clear reference to the Subspsace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where the Ancient Minister (being the R.O.B. that joins the party), is the last one that left after the rest of them are gone with the island.
  • The aliases for Marth & Ike were said by Lucina & Robin on their reveal trailer.
  • The jumbotron may not say "K.O." due to a glitch.
  • Hacked cameras revealed that the other side of the jumbotron also displays imagery.
  • Fox's alias in the European version is a quote both Peppy Hare and his father say in Star Fox 64.
  • Luigi's alias in the American version is the same as the one used in Super Smash Bros. upon unlocking him.
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