Bowser Jr. is one of Bowser's children. He is the youngest of the bunch and the newest, and so far, the only one to appear in more recent games. He greatly resembles Bowser himself, only smaller, and with a bib with fangs painted on it. One of his main weapon is a brush made by Professor E. Gadd. He is not to be confused with Baby Bowser, a younger version of Bowser.

Trophy Description

Bowser's son, who appears in Super Mario Sunshine calling Princess Peach his mother--he feels so strongly about her that he kidnaps her. Somewhat spoiled by his father, Bowser Jr. comes off as being on the selfish side. His bib is decorated with drawn-on fangs and worn like a mask--it's most likely an effort to appear more menacing.

Super Mario Sunshine, 2002


  • Bowser Jr. was a character that was rumored to be playable. This rumor was proven false.
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