Bouncing Fish is Sheik's Down Special Move in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, replacing Transform from Melee and Brawl. Sheik flips up in the air and performs an axe kick.


Bouncing Fish functions similarly to Flip Jump, as it propels Sheik in the direction she is facing while simultaneously performing an axe kick, which can be inputted earlier with the attack button. The trajectory of Bouncing Fish can also be altered by tilting the control stick in the desired direction while airborne, and tilting backwards upon initiating the move will propel Sheik in the opposite direction.

If the kick connects with an opponent, they will be inflicted 12% and high knockback, and Sheik will rebound at a higher arc. Sheik is able to perform the kick again and rebound upon another opponent. Sheik can perform up to three kicks if the initial kick connects, though she will travel the same arc when rebounding the second and third time.

Bouncing Fish is a versatile move, as its adjustable trajectory and rebound properties grant Sheik a very unpredictable move for playing defensively. Due to its high knockback and damage, it is also a viable KO option. The horizontal distance granted also aids in Sheik's recovery, as the move does not place Sheik in helplessness. However, it does possess moderate landing lag, leaving Sheik vulnerable to punishment if it misses.

Sheik's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Needle Storm
Side Special Chain Burst Grenade
Up Special Vanish
Down Special Transform Bouncing Fish
Final Smash Light Arrow Sheikah Dance

Custom Variations

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, with the introduction of the Custom Moves, Sheik has 2 variations of Bouncing Fish.


Sheik flips higher and slams downwards with her heel. Land the kick to bounce straight up.


  • Use as a vertical recovery
  • If it lands, the button can be pushed again for a second attack, adding onto the damage
  • Good combo move and combo finisher
  • Kill move


  • Can SD if used off-stage
  • Has high ending lag if it misses

The move has multiple uses as an attack and maneuver. Due to its high arc, the move can help in vertical recovery, though if too far from the edge Sheik can SD, but directional inputs can increase the distance the move covers. When the move connects, it does some good damage, but if the button is pressed again, Sheik can preform a second attack that is certain to connect, increasing the damage output of the move. This also makes it good for combos; the move is a great combo finisher and kill move as well. The move has high ending lag if Sheik misses the attack altogether, though the attack can be slightly aimed through the aforementioned directional inputs.


Sheik flips lower, if the button is pressed, Sheik will do a kick. Land the kick to bounce forward.


  • Kill move
  • Horizontal recovery
  • Launches opponents in direction Sheik came from, good for punishing edge-guarders
  • If kick not performed, Sheik can still attack at the end with a jab or tilt attack; good for pursuing opponents


  • Need to push the button to use the kick
  • Easy to miss with

Pisces is a bit more technical than Bouncing Fish because the button must be pushed in order to execute the kick (except in the air). Even if the kick is not performed, Sheik can still use another attack at the end of the move such as a jab or down tilt. The move is also great for horizontal recovery and upon hitting an opponent the enemy is launched in the direction Sheik came from, making it great against edge-guarding opponents, essentially reversing the roles. The move can be easy to miss with when used on the ground but when it does connect it can be a deadly kill move.

Sheik's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Penetrating Needles Paralyzing Needle
Side Special Gravity Grenade Skimming Grenade
Up Special Gale Abyss
Down Special Jellyfish Pisces