Boss Galaga (ボス・ギャラガ) is an enemy from the game Galaga. In Galaga, it uses a tractor beam to take one of the player's ships and turn it into an enemy ship.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

The Boss Galaga item, when thrown, will circle around a few times before hovering in the air. It will then swoop down on a selected enemy and use its tractor beam to "abduct" the fighter and carry them away to the upper blast line. It will also deal 1% damage to the abductee, in order to make the kill count for the player who threw it. It can be shot down, however. [1] If you get caught, you can escape it by Button mashing, although it gets harder to escape the more damaged the caught player is. Pac-Man uses the same animation for his Grab.

Smash Tour

Boss Galaga appears as a Blue Trophy item that, when used, will teleport the user to a random spot on the map.

There is also a battle mode that occasionally happens called Boss Galaga Battle where players fight on random stages with the only item being Boss Galagas.

Trophy Description


A boss enemy from Galaga. When thrown, it will spiral skyward and hand out for a time and then descend and pull in fighters with a tractor beam. If you get caught, try to escape by wiggling around as best you can. Unfortunately, there is no bonus fighter for defeating this enemy...

  • Arcade - Galaga (1981)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Boss Galaga returns in this game as a throwing item, having the same effect as in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U but strangely only being able to be spawned on some stages. On those stages, it can cause a Star KO if it is allowed. This can be an indicator for finding out if the stage allows a Star KO. In addition, the background of the stage changes into a spacescape reminiscent of the original Galaga game.

There is also a spirit of Boss Galaga, represented by Pac-Man.


  • Unlike the Beetle, Boss Galaga isn't affected by the weight of the victim, natural or added such as the Metal Box.



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