This article is about the mode. For the points given at the ends of matches, see Bonus points.

Bonus is a mode of vs. mode in which the winner is determined by the amount of points they have obtained via Bonuses. It only appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is not in Brawl or the original, since neither feature bonuses.

In Melee

It appears as a new Mode in Melee, alongside Coin mode.


Technique is the key in this mode. In order to win, you must use techniques that will gain you a bonus, as in the bonuses you get in 1 Player mode. Even if you get the most KOs in the match, it's possible you will not win. However, gaining more KOs will add to your bonus, while falling will subtract. Bonuses like Stale Moves, Quitter, or Bob-Bombs Away! will subtract points from your score. Not many players play in this mode. This is simply because Bonus Mode is based on how you play and not how good you are at the game; For example, even if one gets the most KOs in a 4 player Melee, if one player avoided fighting the whole time, the "Switzerland" bonus has a good chance of leading to said player's victory, mostly because it adds 12,000 onto your score.

Overall Fanbase

Bonus Mode is often unused, but some people have become loyal to it. Many people who play Bonus Mode play it to avoid having people they play against win by avoiding people until they are at high damage percentages and then KOing them, because even though KOing someone adds to your score, you have a better chance of getting a higher score at the end due to player technique, and always attacking high damage players or spending lots of time at a distance gets you negative bonuses.

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