Bombeds (ボンヘッド Bonheddo, Bomhead in Japan, also known as Bombhead) are robot-like enemies with bomb heads in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's The Subspace Emissary. A burgundy-and-black colored bomb sits atop it the small body of the Bombed, and shortly after lighting the fuse, it tosses this bomb at the player and flees while regenerating a new head. If the player walks slowly while out of range, the Bombed also quietly retreats, often off cliffs. Simple fire-type attacks are recommended for blowing it up. Furthermore, players should avoid direct attacks while its head is still attached, as knocking out the Bombed will not stop its head from detaching and exploding. Their heads can be reflected.

Name origin

Bombed's name is a combination of the words bomb and head, being that it has a bomb for a head, or it may be the word bombed, describing its explosive attack or its condition.

Trophy description

An enemy with a bomb for a head, as subtly suggested by the name. It hurls its own bomb head at you--at least it's kind enough to reveal the bomb fuse, which will light up when hit with a fire attack like Mario's fireball. Then..BOOM! This is an easy way to take it out. It's this weakness that sometimes makes them sad that, regrettably, they were born with bomb heads.