Board the Platforms is a 1-player mini-game in Super Smash Bros., in which the player must smash ten platforms, scattered throughout a custom stage, as quickly as possible. It did not return in Super Smash Bros. Melee. And neither does it return in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, nor Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There is one stage for each of the 12 characters. When you beat all 12 of these, you get a special message, as you would with Target Test.


Each character has his or her own stage.

Along with Break the Targets, each character's stage is uniquely based with their own universe:

  • Obscure retro characters (characters from the Mario universe --counting the Mario universe and the Mario sub universe Donkey Kong) use settings on their stages which are loosely based with retro games from older platform Nintendo consoles. This is for Mario --the character who has appeared on every Nintendo system-- and Luigi (from the Mario universe) and Donkey Kong (from the Mario sub universe --the Donkey Kong universe). Donkey Kong and Mario's stages resemble the construction girders on the construction yard from the original Donkey Kong. Luigi's stage resembles the arcade version of Mario Bros.
  • Jigglypuff (from the Pokemon universe) and other non-ferocious animals (like Pikachu and Yoshi --from the Pokemon and Yoshi universes) use light colored blocks with grass --as if they are animals on plains.
  • Futuristic characters use gray metal. This is for Fox (a ferocious animal --a red fox-- from the Star Fox universe) and Samus and Captain Falcon (from the Metroid and F-Zero universes). Since Fox, Samus, and Captain Falcon are spaceship flyers or planet explorers, they are referred to as "futuristic characters".
  • Other unique characters (such as Link, Kirby, and Ness --from the Legend of Zelda, Kirby, and Mother universes) use bricks.

All "Board the Platforms" stages utilize the unique abilities of their character. The platforms are placed in a specific manner to make the player use one or more of the special skills they possess to reach some of them. These are generally double and Up B jumps. After landing on the top of the platform, the previously red flashing light will change to a static blue. When all ten platforms are smashed and their lights turn on blue, the stage finishes, and the announcer will say if there is "A new record!", or if it's just simply "Complete". If the stage has been accessed via 1P Game, the scoring screen for the Board the Platforms stage will show up instead.

If the player Self-destructs, the result will be a Failure.


This special stage can be entered in a 1P Game or in the 1P Mode/Bonus 2 Practice menu. If it is entered in the adventure game, it will be a time-based stage, in which the player must land on all ten before the timer runs out, or else the result will be Failure. If they succeed, the scoring screen will show up, and the player will be taken to the next level (vs. Kirby Team).

If the stage is entered via the 1P Mode menu, for practice mode, the player can compete for the fastest time, and seeing that it's practice mode, any character can be chosen, and while on the stage itself, the player can press L while paused to restart.

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