I'm not actually Ladybugfan77, I just decided to post her RP here because of this: [[1]]

Characters: Mr. Game & Watch/Cuphead/Peach: @Ladybugfan77

Falco: @Thedeadicewhale

Mario/Pauline: @The Devilish Iron Warrior

Byleth (Female): @Silverdeathcat01

Zero Suit Samus: @WarioWare3

DK: @Ian K Dill

Daisy: @Kawaiianimefan

Snake: @GlamAttack

Piranha Plant: @Laserpanda12

Link: @Coolpep23

Kirby: @PsychoSSF2 (me)

Wii Fit Trainer (Male): @The Ambiverted User

Wario: @ScaryLookinHobo

Cloud: @ThatPersonThatLikesTheBooksSOMUCH

Luigi: @NintendoNick63

Mega Man: @The Proto Commander

Meta Knight: @Icebreaker456

Pokemon Trainer (Red): @Pokemon Trainer 1234

Terry: @Zero The Mercenary

Hero: @Johnny Fugo

Dedede/Sans/Villager: @KirbyFan99

Sonic: @Titanium Archer

Mii Swordfighter: @DJakeNoir

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