Blunderbuss (パイレーツキャノン, Pirate Cannon) is King K. Rool’s Neutral Special Move. The gun shoots a large cannonball as a projectile. If the Special Button is pressed again, then it can suck up a fighter to shoot as a projectile.


During the attack King K. Rool pulls out his Blunderbuss and putting on a pirate hat. Upon shooting a Kannonball, King K. Rool puts away the hat and the Blunderbuss. If the Special-Move Button is held after shooting the Kannonball, the Blunderbuss will suck in nearby players or the Kannonball and shoot them out. Upon sucking up a player or Kannonball, the Blunderbuss can be targeted either diagonally forward, upwards, or diagonally backwards. Only one Kannonball from one King K. Rool can be on the screen at the time. There is a neat combo that is called the Blunderang, where King K. Rool first throws his Crownerang, then uses his Blunderbuss.


The move originates from Kaptain K. Rool's signature attack in Donkey Kong Country 2 in which he uses a cannon-like gun to shoot cannonballs and use a vacuum feature. The vacuum feature works like it does in Donkey Kong Country 2, sucking in the player until they get close.

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