Fanmade Support Spirit

    August 17, 2019 by OOFERMAN999



    Skill:Bomber Equipped

    Description:Start battles with a Bomber. Raise it up to cause a huge explosion.

    Now On To The Battle.

    Enemies:Green Charizard(×2)

    Stage:Duck Hunt

    Items:Exploding Types

    Conditions:The Enemy Starts The Battle With A Bomber,Stamina Battle,All Fighters Are Hard To Launch

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  • ZDude789

    Name:Void Termina



    Skill:Critical Health Attack & Defense⬆️⬆️⬆️

    Description:Greatly Increases Attack Power And Defense When Badly Damaged


    Now Onto The Spirit Battle.

    Opponent:A Giant Dark Ganondorf And Giant Blue Kirby

    Conditions:The Enemy Has Super Armor But Moves Slower,The Enemy's Smash Attacks Have Increased Power,Stamina Battle,Reinforcements Will Appear After An Enemy Is KO'd.

    Stage:Final Destination


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  • ZDude789

    So Here's The Plot:

    After The World Was Restored,Everyone Thought The World Was Safe,But They Were Wrong. Shulk Foresaw The Resurrection Of Dharkon,Who Had One Thing On His Twisted Mind,Revenge. Dharkon Sought To Destroy All Worlds,And Create Worlds Of Anarchy And Darkness. Meta Knight Knew The Danger And Went To Warn The Others,But He Was Too Late. Everyone Disappeared Without A Trace,Except For One Certain Evildoer,Ganondorf. Ganondorf Sought To Assist Dharkon In His Evil Plans. Meta Knight Knew Ganondorf Was The One Who Resurrected Dharkon. Meta Knight Called Ganondorf A Greedy Traitor And Threatened To End His Life. Meta Knight Carried Out This Threat,But Spared Him. Meta Knight Told Ganondorf That He Would Keep Him Alive Long Enough S…

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  • OwenTheLittenFan

    a fun thing made by me.

    1. Create your own. 2. Don't just make a roster which is just a bunch of one character 3. show a image of your roster.

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  • ZDude789

    Heavy's Special Taunt

    June 26, 2019 by ZDude789

    Taunting As Heavy On His Own Stage,2Fort,Will Begin Some Dialogue With Other TF2 Characters.

    Here's Some Examples:


    Heavy:Explain Little Italian Man.

    Engineer:That Fella There Is Mario. He's From The Mushroom Kingdom,And He's Also A Guy Of Many Jobs.

    Sniper:Yeah,Mate. He Has Been A Referee,A Construction Worker,A Doctor,A Plumber,And Many Other Bloody Jobs.

    Spy:Well,He's Not The Only Unlicensed Doctor In Existence! Hahahaha!

    Medic:I Heard Zat!

    Engineer:Anyways:Mario Is A Rather Formidable Foe,So Watch Out.

    Soldier(Only If P1 Is A Heavy):Just Because That Maggot Wears Red Doesn't Mean He's On Your Side,Now Give That Unlicensed Plumber What For!


    Heavy:Who Is This Green Coward?

    Soldier:That Is Luigi. He May Be Afraid Of Almost Everything,Espe…

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  • ZDude789

    Name:Porky Bot



    Trait:Dash Attack⬆️


    Initial Power:2000

    Lv.99 Power:9700

    Now Onto The Battle

    Vs:A Monochrome Mario Team(×10)

    Conditions:Defeat An Army Of Fighters,Reinforcements Will Appear During The Battle,Reinforcements Will Appear After An Enemy Is KO'd.

    Stage:New Pork City(Battlefield Form)

    Music:Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song Of Praise

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  • ZDude789

    Name:Hider(Luigi's Mansion)



    Trait:Easier Dodging


    Initial Power:300

    Lvl.99 Power:9000

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  • ZDude789

    Name:Fighting Polygon Team




    Trait:Special Moves Weakened

    Trait Description:Decreases The Power Of Special Moves

    Initial Power:3000

    Lvl.99 Power:14,560

    Battle:Vs. Purple Mario(10),Purple DK(10),Purple Toon Link(10),Purple Dark Samus(10),Purple Yoshi(10),Shadow Kirby(10),Purple Fox(10),Wizard Hat Pikachu(10),Purple Luigi(10),Indigo Ness(10),Cyan Capt. Falcon(10),And Normal Jigglypuff(10).

    Conditions:Face A Massive Horde,The Enemy Is Unable To Use Items,The Enemy Is Easy To Launch,The Enemy Cannot Use Special Moves,You Heal Over Time.

    Stage:Final Destination In Battlefield Form.

    Music:Duel Zone

    Fact:This Spirit Is The Strongest Novice Rank Spirit,And The Spirit Battle Has The Most Enemies.

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  • WillyTheCat

    Smash is dumb

    June 18, 2019 by WillyTheCat

    Who wants to play Button Mashing Simulator

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  • ZDude789

    Grand Star



    Support Skill:Made Of Gold

    Skill Description:Become Gold. When Gold,You Deal More Damage And You Can Launch Opponents Further.

    • Spirit Battle

    Vs:A Gold Kirby

    Conditions:The Enemy Starts The Battle With An Enhanced Star Rod,You'll Occasionally Take Sudden Damage,The Enemy Heals Over Time.

    Stage:Mario Galaxy

    Music:Champion Road

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