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  • Silverdeathcat01

    joker is bad

    April 18, 2019 by Silverdeathcat01

    Whenever I play against someone who uses joker, I just use toon link and annihilate them. I think that toon link is under-credited, help with the rise of the toon links

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  • Techout

    Peach v Sheik

    April 18, 2019 by Techout

    Peach vs. Sheik P1 P2

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  • ZDude789

    Custom Spirit

    April 6, 2019 by ZDude789

    Spirit:Matt(Wii Sports)

    Master Spirit

    Style:Champion Style

    Attack Power, Defense, Move Speed, Jump, Ground Power, Air Power

    Grab Power, Grab Range, Throw Power, Weight, Item Attack, Healing Amount

    When Entering The Dojo:"Welcome To The Ultimate Dojo."

    When Reading Details:"After The Training,Your Spirit Will Be A Champion!"

    When Training Begins:"Time To Unleash Youra Full Potential!"

    When Interrupting Training"This Better Be Important."

    When Selecting Learn Instantly:I Can Speed The Training Up For 1000SP."

    When Canceling Training:"Well That's Unfortunate..."

    When Training Is Complete:"We Have A New Champion!"

    When Exiting The Dojo:"See Ya!"

    Battle A Mii Brawler Of Matt.

    Conditions:Stamina Battle;All Fighters Are Hard To Launch;The Enemy Has Increased S…

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  • 867239

    SSBU: Avatar Universe

    April 6, 2019 by 867239

    Hello everyone, there's a proposal of Avatar: The Last Airbending in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I need some artworks, moveset ideas, etc.

    • Aang (in his apparence of North and South)
    • Zuko (in his apparence of The Promise)

    • Azula

    • Fire Lord Ozai

    • Four Nations Cruise

    • In Four Nations Cruise, choice Ang and press the taunt down and here's a convesation of Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko and Iroh, and there's talks information of the fighter in the stage.

    • Avatar's Theme (New Remix)
    • The Avatar State (New Remix)
    • The Avatar State (Original)
    • Azula's Theme (New Remix)
    • The Blue Spirit (New Remix)
    • Whose Destiny (Original)
    • Yangchen (Original)
    • Heart Chakra (New Remix)
    • Peace Excerpt (New Remix)
    • Princess Yue (Original)

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  • ZDude789

    Mario:Robo Mario

    Donkey Kong:Mini DK

    Link:Dark Link


    Kirby:Shadow Kirby





    Captain Falcon:Blood Falcon


    Bowser:Dark Bowser

    Ice Climbers:Nobody(We Don't Need Another Duo.) Sheik:Impa

    Zelda:Toon Zelda

    Dr.Mario:Dr.Luigi(Yes,There Is A Dr.Luigi)

    Pichu:Plusle/Minun(Can Use U-Turn To Switch Out)


    Young Link:Mido

    Ganondorf:Nobody(Heck,His Moves Are Taken Directly From Other Characters) Mewtwo:Deoxys

    Mr. Game And Watch:Paper Mario

    Meta Knight:Morpho Knight

    Zero Suit Samus:Nobody That I Can Think Of. Wario:Count Cannoli

    Snake:Big Boss

    Ike:Black Knight(I Know,He's An Assist Trophy Already.)

    Pokemon Trainer:A Pokemon Trainer That Uses The Gen 3 Starters.

    Diddy Kong:Nobody(Because He Does…

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  • Kbimbatti22

    nice wiki

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  • BigCheese333


    March 5, 2019 by BigCheese333


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  • IsaiahScribblenauts

    This is what this world is, isn't it? I already creep the frick out of me the first few days of Melee texture modding. I obviously have created some weird crap as soon as I decided to dump the textures and redo them into something else. Anyhow, I'm already thinking of turning my work into an entire retexture pack; Super Smash Bros. Melee Remix. It's obvious; it retextures Melee. I still don't know how to retexture clothing and not do it to the off screen models. It may be a while before I put the weird stuff I want on it.

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  • B451CR0B0T

    Moveset Idea

    February 28, 2019 by B451CR0B0T

    Character:Spongebob Squarepants

    Entrance:Coming Out Of His Pineapple-Shaped House

    Neutral Attack:Karate Chops Followed By A Kick

    Side Tilt:Spongebob Attacks With His Spatula

    Up Tilt:A Simple Uppercut

    Down Tilt:Spongebob Whacks Opponents With A Net

    Dash Attack:Spongebob Trips,Dropping An Exploding Pie. Episode Inspiration:Dying For Pie

    Neutral Special:Boomerang Pet Ball;Spongebob Throws A Ball That Returns To Him,Sometimes He Throws The Box,Which Is Slightly More Powerful.

    Side Special:Bubble Bomb;A Bubble Shaped Like A Bomb That Explodes,Dealing Moderate Damage.

    Up Special:Reef Blower;Spongebob Uses A Reef Blower To Propel Him Self Into The Air,Which Can Also Dunk Opponents Directly Underneath Spongebob.

    Down Special:Jellyfish;A Jellyfish Floats Int…

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