• Im Sothis Mortal


    January 31, 2020 by Im Sothis Mortal

    Its make sense they didnt put me in smash after all it would be so easy to win i could beat evry fighter with one hand tied behind my back blindfolded and tied to a chair

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  • BrandonMan2000

    Hello everyone, BrandonMan2000 here!

    Has anyone ever heard of Alpharad's CPUCS series?

    I have the playlist link in the description of the blog.

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  • PsychoSSF2

    The Mega Man franchise needs more reps, and who can fit that bill better than Zero from the Mega Man Zero series? After all, he has a lot of moves you can fit into a moveset, even if some of the moves aren't from the Mega Man Zero series!

    Jab 1: A punch with the Zero Knuckle.

    Jab 2: Another punch with the Zero Knuckle.

    Looping Jab: A series of rapid punches with the Zero Knuckle.

    Jab 3: An upward slash with the Z-Saber.

    Forward Tilt: Tenkuuha (Aether Rule)

    Up Tilt: Shoenzan (Soaring Flame Mountain)

    Down Tilt: Souenbu (Twin Swallow Dance)

    Dash Attack: Reppuugeki

    Forward Smash: Juuhazan (Heavy Wave Slash)

    Up Smash: Soul Launcher

    Down Smash: Hyougetsujin (Ice Moon Blade)

    Neutral Aerial: Orbit Shield (Circular Shield)

    Forward Aerial: Hieijin (Flying Shado…

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  • PsychoSSF2

    For me, I want Zero from the Mega Man Zero series, Marx from Kirby Super Star, either Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown or Rera from Samurai Shodown V, and Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII. Can't wait for Fighters Pass Volume 2!

    PsychoSSF2 (talk) 22:33, January 19, 2020 (UTC)

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  • IsaiahScribblenauts

    What's the highest intensity everyone has reached in Smash Ultimate's classic mode? Who did you play as to reach it? For me, I reached 9.8 (I was aiming for 9.9, but I was so close) with Lucas!

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    This Is What Shovel Knight's Moveset Would've Been If He Was A Playable Character.

    Entrance:Shovel Knight Jumps Onto The Stage And Says "For Shovelry!"

    Jab:A Punch,Followed By A Kick,And Finishes With Shovel Knight Swinging His Shovel.

    Side Tilt:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Forward,Which Has Decent Launch Power.

    Up Tilt:A Quick Uppercut.

    Down Tilt:Shovel Knight Digs Up A Pile,Which Can Trip Opponents.

    Neutral Air:Shovel Knight Spins Around While Swinging His Shovel.

    Forward Air:Shovel Knight Swings His Shovel Forward.

    Back Air:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Backwards.

    Down Air:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Downwards,Which Can Have A Meteor Effect.

    Side Smash:Shovel Knight Swings His Shovel With All His Might,Which Does A Decent Amount Of Da…

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  • SATURN117
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  • Otaku Geekster

    I'll start; at a killer score of 2,285,280, . (And I'd honestly say if I had a dollar for everyone who's highest score at 9.9 comes from my main Yoshi, I'd be filthy stinkin rich)

    Is your highest 9.9 score in said mode the same as my main? Or is it someone else? (Comment below)

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    Fanmade Support Spirit 2

    November 26, 2019 by OOFERMAN999

    Name:Stardust Crusaders

    Series:JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


    Skill:Critical Health Assist

    Skill Description:Spawns An Assist Trophy Ally When Badly Damaged

    Cost:3 Slots

    The Battle

    Vs:Black Terry,Incineroar,Yellow Ken,Male Corrin,Duck Hunt,And Green Richter

    Stage:Mushroomy Kingdom

    Conditions:The Enemy's Physical Attacks Have Increased Power,The Floor Is Lava,Defeat An Army Of Fighters


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  • Rman41

    What? The Japanese text representation of series titles in the minor universes section has a notable flaw which comes across primarily on mobile. The phrases are shown in the form of a quote, where the Romanji takes the place of the character and the Hiragana/Katakana takes the place of the quote itself. All of this is encapsulated within parenthesis which are returned at the bottom and top. This would look like:

    ( ネコ


    ) [Description begins]

    Why? Needless to say, it looks horribly ugly on mobile. Although mobile and presentation aren't very important in general, having information neatly organized does raise the value of the resource.

    How? Honestly, don't really know that much about formatting and such, although the quote form has gotta go if …

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