EgyptQueen14 EgyptQueen14 1 day ago

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a Horror game with two sides on it: you can either be a Killer or a Survivor. My personal favourite is being a killer, there are several killers to choose from once you get to higher levels. My favourite Killers are The Huntress and The Spirit. For any questions head to click my name: EgyptQueen14 to ask me.

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2Wicked 2Wicked 4 days ago

Dont press this

I told you not to press this btw dont scroll down

Hey I told you not to scroll down there is nothing here



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ScaryLookinHobo ScaryLookinHobo 10 days ago

Some news on the future of my account.

I've never done a blog before, so please bare with me.

If you are reading this right now, I am dead.

I kid, I kid. Now, I will have to move, which means I won't be able to use this FANDOM account much longer, as I stupidly thought it'd be a good idea to use my school email for the account. Unless I can transfer this account to another email address, I will be forced to make a new account. I might need help, in case I can transfer accounts. If I do need to make a new account, I'll have to start over and I'll need a new name. Any ideas, fellow reader?

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TheMFrog69 TheMFrog69 22 days ago

Dial Storage

Dial Storage is the technique of removing up to 10 frames of startup from Shulk’s Monado Wheel Dial, it’s used by cancelling the startup by shielding, using an aerial or grabbing. More info can be found on youtube or one of my discussions posts.

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Johncastro223 Johncastro223 22 days ago

smash is canon

want here somthing crazy? i think smash is canon because of a few things 1 there are fighter tips that say mario made his first appearence in donkey kong not smash  64,2 there are spirits of people from multiple franchises and its seid that there bodys got destroyed and the spirits show the art work from the franchise they came from its likely that was there original bodys,3 pit gets tips from palutena about characters and there intersting and definitly proves the canon like she seid dark samus is a being of pure phazon  after metroid prime obsorbed dna from samus and she seid that fox is part the team star fox and pit seid the iconic line do a barrel roll! varidi seid that pikachu evolves from pichu and becomes a richu when fully evolved.…

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LuxrayBlast LuxrayBlast 28 days ago

Zenkichi Hasegawa Possible Moveset

I've been playing Persona 5 Strikers a lot and wanted to come up with a possible Special Move Set for Zenkichi Hasegawa, Codename: Wolf. By the way, I am giving you a spoiler warning in advance. Don't read further if you want to avoid any spoilers.

Done obediently listening to orders barked at him, Wolf unleashes his Persona, Valjean in the World of Super Smash Bros. to test his mettle against Joker and the rest of the cast in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here's a mock up idea for his moves in Smash. He is a Heavy Character (Between Medium and Heavy) and uses dual handed blades. (Yes: Yet another character uses a Sword)

Regular Attacks:

Neutral Attack- Zenkichi throws a punch, kicks forward and swings his sword for the third hit.

Side Tilt- Zenkichi …

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Reginarobloxshows4 Reginarobloxshows4 2 April

Characters i want in Super Smash Bros Ulimate

  1. Futari wa precure
  2. Patricia wagon (mighty switch force)
  3. Waluigi
  4. All the Precures (Pretty Cure)
  5. Lah the ghost (Sonic: Night of the Werehog)
  6. Among us
  7. Ninjala
  8. Tom nook
  9. Magolor
  10. Six heart princess

That´s all! This is just my opinion!

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Demondude54 Demondude54 31 March

Will there be a Fighters Pass 3?

Doubt it but it would be amazing...

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Sawman71211 Sawman71211 24 March

Mains in all smash games

SSB64: Pikachu


SSBB: *Incoherent jab intensifies*

SSB3DS: Brokenetta

SSBWU: Still Brokenetta


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KonpekiNoUmi KonpekiNoUmi 19 February


i do not exist

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