• LuxrayBlast

    First of all, here's Cynthia's Set of Pokèmon:

    Garchomp- 4 Jumps, No additional Movement Options Roserade- 2 Jumps, No additional Movement Options Milotic- 3 Jumps, Can Slither

    Her Gimmick is that she starts with these three Pokèmon and they all have HP, which drains during the match. Once all three faint, she will replace them with three more Pokèmon who DON'T have HP bars.

    Spiritomb- Infinite Jumps (Unless It's already in the air when recovering, 2 Jumps) Glaceon- 2 Jumps, Crawl Togekiss- 2 Jumps

    Fighter Spirits: Cynthia Mega Garchomp Togekiss Spiritomb Glaceon Roserade

    Cynthia herself is an Echo to the Pokèmon Trainer, but, her Pokèmon have different moves than Trainer's. Cynthia will have 6 Final Smashes. Insanity!

    Cynthia- Down Special is P…

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  • LuxrayBlast

    Bernadetta Moveset

    April 9, 2020 by LuxrayBlast

    Based on BrawlFan1's "What If (Character Name) was in Smash Bros." video series, I'm going to try creating a Unique Moveset for the Shy Archer of the Black Eagles House in Fire Emblem Three Houses, Bernadetta, since I respect everyone's personal bubble and Smash may seem like the worst place for Bernie to be, but, she's quite a capable archer. Bernie will be a Middle Weight character, on par with Mario and Sonic. Plus, since Three Houses allows use of all weapon types, I will do my best to put all of them in her kit.

    The A Attacks

    For her neutral attack she will equip Gauntlets and do a double swipe attack, it'll deal a lot knockback, but, about 10.5% Damage, 5.5 on the first hit and 5 on the second. A reference to everyone's melee combat an…

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  • TerrySora

    If i made this on tiktok because i showed with image of sakura shinguji and spyro for smash but they may wandering how i did made it to deviantart sakura shinguji and spyro became are friend to sega and Activision i always saying what i said was challenger pack 7 sakura shinguji and challenger pack 8 spyro but there least character sakura with odd number 1 its sakura shinguji and even number 2 was sakura amamiya from shin sakura wars but there always mite be a twintelle was not included in the smash fighter,it's in a spirits character,they mite be a spring man and min min or ribbon girl and ninjara? But there mii costume round 6 its ninjara,max brass,spring tron,sailor moon are in a mii costume?,and chocobo hat,on the other side mii costum…

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  • Coolpep23


    March 21, 2020 by Coolpep23

    Henlo frens

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  • Im Sothis Mortal


    January 31, 2020 by Im Sothis Mortal

    Its make sense they didnt put me in smash after all it would be so easy to win i could beat evry fighter with one hand tied behind my back blindfolded and tied to a chair

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  • BrandonMan2000

    Hello everyone, BrandonMan2000 here!

    Has anyone ever heard of Alpharad's CPUCS series?

    I have the playlist link in the description of the blog.

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  • PsychoSSF2

    The Mega Man franchise needs more reps, and who can fit that bill better than Zero from the Mega Man Zero series? After all, he has a lot of moves you can fit into a moveset, even if some of the moves aren't from the Mega Man Zero series!

    Jab 1: A punch with the Zero Knuckle.

    Jab 2: Another punch with the Zero Knuckle.

    Looping Jab: A series of rapid punches with the Zero Knuckle.

    Jab 3: An upward slash with the Z-Saber.

    Forward Tilt: Tenkuuha (Aether Rule)

    Up Tilt: Shoenzan (Soaring Flame Mountain)

    Down Tilt: Souenbu (Twin Swallow Dance)

    Dash Attack: Reppuugeki

    Forward Smash: Juuhazan (Heavy Wave Slash)

    Up Smash: Soul Launcher

    Down Smash: Hyougetsujin (Ice Moon Blade)

    Neutral Aerial: Orbit Shield (Circular Shield)

    Forward Aerial: Hieijin (Flying Shado…

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  • PsychoSSF2

    For me, I want Zero from the Mega Man Zero series, Marx from Kirby Super Star, either Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown or Rera from Samurai Shodown V, and Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII. Can't wait for Fighters Pass Volume 2!

    PsychoSSF2 (talk) 22:33, January 19, 2020 (UTC)

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  • IsaiahScribblenauts

    What's the highest intensity everyone has reached in Smash Ultimate's classic mode? Who did you play as to reach it? For me, I reached 9.8 (I was aiming for 9.9, but I was so close) with Lucas!

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    This Is What Shovel Knight's Moveset Would've Been If He Was A Playable Character.

    Entrance:Shovel Knight Jumps Onto The Stage And Says "For Shovelry!"

    Jab:A Punch,Followed By A Kick,And Finishes With Shovel Knight Swinging His Shovel.

    Side Tilt:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Forward,Which Has Decent Launch Power.

    Up Tilt:A Quick Uppercut.

    Down Tilt:Shovel Knight Digs Up A Pile,Which Can Trip Opponents.

    Neutral Air:Shovel Knight Spins Around While Swinging His Shovel.

    Forward Air:Shovel Knight Swings His Shovel Forward.

    Back Air:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Backwards.

    Down Air:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Downwards,Which Can Have A Meteor Effect.

    Side Smash:Shovel Knight Swings His Shovel With All His Might,Which Does A Decent Amount Of Da…

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