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Blast Through is a glitch discovered by Runer5h. It involves hitting a character at such high speeds at a non-destructible wall that they go straight through. It only works with two or three attacks, at 999% damage, and has only been confirmed to work on one custom stage.

How To Perform

You must download a certain stage to do this; the stage will be uploaded shortly.

  1. Create a stage with a fully enclosed solid box, with spikes on the entire top platform.
  2. Go into training mode, and select either Ganondorf or Marth.
  3. Go to the stage and KO the opponent once; when they reappear, they should be on top of the structure in the middle of the bottom floor.
  4. Set opponent to 999%.
  5. Then:
  • As Marth:
  1. Go to the menu and set speed to 1.5x.
  2. Grab a Smash Ball, move to the right of the CPU, and use Critical Hit, knocking the opponent to the left.
  • As Ganondorf:
  1. Go to the right of the CPU.
  2. Use a Reverse Warlock Punch. Alternatively, set speed to 1.5x, and use a normal Warlock Punch.

If performed correctly, the CPU should fly straight through the left wall to their death, instead of bouncing off.

Why it Works

A tentative theory for why this glitch happens is that the incredible launch speed temporarily messes up the game's physics. This is supported by the fact that the normal Warlock Punch only works at 1.5x speed, while no attacks work at, for instance, 1/4x speed.

Another theory that bobertbojo2 came up with is that the high speeds will make it so that in one frame the character is in front of the wall, and in the next frame, they are (or would be) behind it, so the game doesn't realize that the wall is there. This would make the glitch very hard to remove from the game, as the only way would be to increase the frames per second that the game ran at.

In SSB64

In SSB64, The Blast Through glitch is common when playing on the Race to the Finish stage on a hacked Rom. At enough damage and with a strong enough move (most up smash's, Falcon punch, Giant Punch, etc.), it is possible to be killed on this stage. This is the only possible way to end a match on this stage in vs. mode outside of resetting or having the 1st player to go to the finish line.

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