The Blast-O-Matic (ブラストマティック) is King K. Rool's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


King K. Rool charges forward, and any opponents he hits will be sent off while K. Rool goes to the Blast-O-Matic. He shoots a laser that hits the trapped players offscreen, dealing great damage to them in the process, while the laser also hits DK Island, destroying it. The players involved will then return to the stage, where the opponents will receive their knockback.


The Blast-O-Matic appeared in Donkey Kong 64, and was constructed by K. Rool as a doomsday device to destroy DK Island. However, it fails provided the Kongs successfully shut it down in time.


  • The Blast-O-Matic is a reference to the Game Over cutscene from Donkey Kong 64 where, should the Kongs fail to shut it down when the timer runs out or if the player chooses to quit the game from the pause menu, King K. Rool activates it to destroy DK Island, though the game rather mercifully fades to black before the device fires.

King K. Rool's Special Moves
Standard Special Blunderbuss
Side Special Crownerang
Up Special Propellerpack
Down Special Gut Check
Final Smash Blast-O-Matic