A Black Screen is an effect that causes the entire screen to blacken, temporarily blinding players' view. Stages, Assist Trophies, and Pokémon utilize this effect during gameplay. Each use of a Black Screen has different ways of obstructing players' indication of their character. The following is a list about what causes a Black Screen and how its own effect differs from one other.


PictoChat 2

One of the drawings that appear during the background is a moon with a black background. As the moon goes through its 3 phases into a new moon, the whole stage, excluding its sides, will turn black, blackening all characters and items as well. During this effect, only name tags and character effects are visible so players can indicate where their character is.



Assist Trophies


Upon being summoned, Nightmare shrouds the entire screen black. During this effect, only the elemental effects caused by characters and items are visible. Name tags and indicators will not be shown.

Skull Kid

Out of all of the other effects, one of the Skull Kid's abilities, when summoned, is turning the entire screen into a black screen. Name tags and indicators will not be shown.

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