Rosalina and Luma performing the glitch.

This glitch can occur when playing as Rosalina & Luma against Yoshi in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

How to perform

First, Rosalina must acquire a Super Mushroom, then be eaten by Yoshi while still giant. Then, while still in the egg, Rosalina must fall off the edge of the stage and be KO'd while Luma remains alive. When Rosalina respawns, she will be normal sized, but Luma will still be giant and will remain so unless it is destroyed.


  • This glitch will kill the Luma you start with.
  • If you use the Poison Mushroom, Super Mushroom items or you are struck by the Lightning item this glitch will wear off.
  • If you die this glitch will not wear off.
  • It is unknown whether this glitch is possible with the Poison Mushroom.
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