Big Blue (ビッグブルー, Big Blue) is an unlockable stage from the F-Zero franchise appearing in Super Smash Bros. Melee and returning Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Melee Stage. It will return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Stage description

This stage is played on an F-Zero track where players have to use Captain Falcon's ship, F-Zero racers, and hovering objects as platforms. If a player falls on the track beneath the racers, the player will start speeding to the left and be KO'd, unless the player quickly jumps back to safety. At other times, there is no track under the racers, and a fall at that time would result in death. The background scrolls incredibly fast and death upon hitting the track is nearly instantaneous. Items that float in mid-air (Flippers, for example) are also affected by the stage's movement, scrolling to the left. This is also the only stage where the Party Ball is considered useless.

Players can KO opponents at 0% damage easily by luring them to the car at the far left, grabbing them, and throwing them to the left. The foe will try to get up first, but while getting up, they will be KO'd. This works better if the foe is a heavy and slow character, such as Bowser.

This stage is usually banned in tournaments for both Melee and Brawl, where it appears as a past stage, because of the shifting platforms and easy KOs caused by falling onto the track.


The Falcon Flyer as it appears in the comic in the manual for F-Zero.

Big Blue is a watery planet hosting several race tracks that has first appeared in F-Zero and later appeared in F-Zero X. In the manual for F-Zero is a comic book of Captain Falcon's first bounty missions. Captain Falcon manages to shoot and kill a criminal for money, which makes rival bounty hunter Samurai Goroh angry. Captain Falcon escapes from Samurai Goroh with his Falcon Flyer and flies away, as Goroh swears to get his revenge in the upcoming F-Zero race in Mute City. The Falcon Flyer never appeared in the game F-Zero itself or in F-Zero X. The Falcon Flyer seen in this stage looks very similar to the Falcon Flyer in the manual comic. The overall design of this stage resembles the Big Blue tracks in F-Zero X (such as the items in the far background and the design of the dolphin signs), with the overall straight design possibly coming from Big Blue Quick Turn (fifth track on the Queen Cup in the game), whose corkscrew layout gives the track the illusion of being a long stretch sometimes; however, F-Zero X's Big Blue does not feature jumps or a loop and the layout of the track in Melee is randomly generated. The F-Zero machines are taken from the F-Zero machines featured in F-Zero X. [1] The race seen in the F-Zero Grand Prix stage of Adventure mode also happens on Big Blue, but this one seems to be based instead on Big Blue Cylinder (fifth track of the Jack Cup in F-Zero X), given the tubular structure on the background on which the racers are seen before speeding through the stage.

There are two songs that play on this stage. The primary song comes from F-Zero's track Big Blue. While the song first appeared in F-Zero, it sounds more similar to the version that plays on F-Zero X's Big Blue. The alternate song comes from Mach Rider. The song is a mix between the title screen theme and the song that can be heard when playing on the courses. [2]


  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, turning off stage hazards will make the Falcon Flyer the only vehicle that appears.
  • This is the only non-Past stage in Melee not used in All-Star Mode.
  • sonic running on the track.

    In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic can run on the ground of this stage and survive if he is wearing a Bunny Hood; in fact, he is fast enough to run off the right side of the stage. When Sonic is giant, from either eating a Super Mushroom or being in a Giant Brawl he runs at the same speed as the cars, then slowly picks up speed, although not fast enough to SD off the right side of the right side of the stage.
    • In addition, Wario can also survive running on the ground of this stage if he is riding his Wario Bike as Wario-Man. In fact, his bike becomes so fast he actually outruns the cars on the stage. He can also survive running on the ground of this stage without being Wario-Man, if he is riding his Wario Bike and performing a wheelie. It is also possible to self-destruct towards the front of the stage with this. This happens because doing a wheelie makes the bike faster, and bounces along the ground a bit, so it is not always affected by the fast track.
    • Fox's Landmaster tank can also survive riding on the ground (it apparently gets pushed along by the racers).
  • If one uses the Bunny Hood, Superspicy Curry, and Super Mushroom, any character that can Dash faster than Toon Link can run off the stage.
  • In Brawl, floating items no longer go flying off the screen, but Bumpers can't be placed in midair.
  • This is the only stage that was unlockable in Super Smash Bros. Melee that returns in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • It is possible to play on this stage without unlocking it yet. On the Co-Op Event 12: Come Back! Falcon Flyer, it is taken place on Big Blue, even though it is possible for it to not be unlocked yet.
  • When the Pokémon Trainer is used, another fast moving platform will be there for the trainer to stand on.
  • It is possible to perform the Shaky Ride Glitch here.
  • The track is randomly generated with predetermined parts as the fight goes on.
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