Beat is one of Mega Man's Up Special Moves that can be used via Customizations. Mega Man calls Beat who carries him upward.



  • Higher vertical recovery.


  • Slow.
  • Little horizontal movement.
  • Mega Man can't attack out of it.

Beat allows Mega Man to recover lower than Rush Coil and Tornado Hold do, and though it doesn't have much horizontal movement in it, the distance Mega Man can travel horizontally with it is actually more than that of Rush Coil and Tornado Hold. The move is slow, but the move only functions as a recovery, not an attack. Mega Man is unable to attack out of the move.

Mega Man's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Hyper Bomb Shadow Blade
Side Special Ice Slasher Danger Wrap
Up Special Tornado Hold Beat
Down Special Plant Barrier Skull Barrier


Beat carrying Mega Man.

Beat first appeared in Mega Man 5, and was developed by Dr. Cossack as a gift for Mega Man (to thank him for saving the former and his daughter Kalinka's lives). In Mega Man 5 and 6, Beat could fly towards and attack enemies for Mega Man. He is available by collecting all of the letter plates in both titles.

In Mega Man 7, Beat could only help Mega Man by carrying him out of bottomless pits. He can only get Mega Man out of these sticky situations four times (which can be restocked by purchasing Beat Whistles from Auto's shop), and can only hold him for a certain duration before letting go. Unlike the other games, Mega Man only needs to break Beat out of a cage in a hidden part of Slash Man's stage.

Trophy Description


A bird-shaped support robot created by the genius scientist Dr. Cossack. Beat first appeared in Mega Man 5, where he was available to use only after Mega Man collected all eight plates hidden throughout the game. He flies toward enemies and attacks making him a trusted ally when facing both regular enemies and bosses.

  • NES - Mega Man 5 (12/1992)
  • NES - Mega Man 6 (03/1994)