This article is about the Battlefield stage as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee. For other versions, see Battlefield (disambiguation).

Battlefield (戦場, Battlefield) is a special stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, unlocked by clearing All-Star mode at least once on any difficulty, with any character. The field's main part is flat, just like Final Destination, but not as long. Above it lay three platforms, in pyramid style. It shares similarities to Final Destination in the sense that the background is abstract and changes shape and color constantly. Gravity is lowered significantly on this stage in the Adventure Mode fight against the Fighting Wire Frames.

In Classic Mode, it is here that metal characters are fought. In Adventure Mode, the Fighting Wire Frames will be fought, followed by the Metal Bros. In All-Star Mode, it is the stage of Mewtwo and its teammates. In Multi-Man Melee, the Fighting Wire Frames are fought on this stage.

Recovery on this stage is difficult, due to the very thin edges on either end. If a player misses their edge with a vertical up special move, they end up going underneath the stage, and suffer a possible KO. It is harder to sweet spot the edge using characters such as Marth and Fox on this stage.

Battlefield is also infamous for its "glitchy" ledges. It is said that, unlike with other stages, attempting to sweet spot the ledge and continuing to hold the control stick towards the ledge while doing so, the ledge will often be missed, despite the fact it should have been grabbed. Also, there have been cases where 'miracle ledge grabs' have been performed in cases where it did not look as if the character should have survived.

Also, a technique was discovered that allows Captain Falcon to sweetspot the ledge almost immediately after starting his Falcon Dive if he is in a specific area of the stage, somewhere between the ledge and the ceiling underneath. However, it is extremely hard to perform and thus is not considered useful in most situations. A demonstration and in-depth explanation can be seen in this video.

Trophy description

The Battlefield Trophy

Super Smash Bros. Melee borrows settings from many different games to create its stages, but the Battlefield is an original creation. While its initial impression may strike some players as a bit ominous, the layout itself is fairly standard, lending it to serious, straightforward matches. Additionally, it's used to pit players against the Fighting Wire Frames.
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee [12/01]


  • On Classic Mode (Stage 10), Adventure Mode (Stage 11), All-Star Mode (Mewtwo) and Event Match (Space Travelers and Mewtwo Strikes!) it has a circular swirling rainbow design in the background. This background does not appear when the stage is selected normally in Versus Mode, and is otherwise unavailable.
  • In the Stage Select screen, the symbol representing the stage of the game of origin appears briefly before an outline of the level is generated where the name of the stage is displayed. Although Final Destination has the traditional Smash symbol, being an original level, Battlefield strangely displays a shattered circle. The reason why is still unknown, but it may reference the metal characters, since all of them are from their own universe.
  • Mewtwo can use the stage's thin ledges to perform a lethal glitch.
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