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A Battle Arena in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Battle Arenas are an online feature available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It allows players to create battle arenas for people to join to battle or spectate battles.

Arena Setup

The player can either join an arena or create one. When they want to join one, they can search by any of their Nintendo Switch friends' arenas, public arenas, or an arena's ID. There's plenty of options for an arena when they want to create one.

  • Arena Privacy - Sets if the arena can be joined by anyone or just Switch friends
  • Arena Name - Name of the arena
  • Music - Music that plays while in the arena screen. Any player in the arena can change the music they hear.
  • Ruleset - Select any of the created rulesets to use in battle
  • Type - Set the skill of players joining based on their GSP. Otherwise, the player can also choose Anything Goes, or Playground. With a previous update, amiibo only arenas can be made as well.
  • amiibo - Allow amiibo to fight in the arena. This setting cannot be changed if the type of arena is set to amiibo only.
  • Voice Chat - Allow voice chat with arena members using the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. To toggle this setting, you must've signed in to the app with your Nintendo Account at least once.
  • Battle Format - Sets the battle format, including 4-player smash, 3-player smash, team battles, or 1v1
  • Max Players - How many players can join. A higher amount of people could lower game performance

Arena Battles

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 11.10.04 AM.png

In the arena screen, players can move their tokens around the screen and place them on the battle ring, bleachers, or waiting line. A player's token is represented by their name and current icon on their Smash Tag. Anyone in the ring can press the plus or minus button to start the match.

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