Basic Brawl is a mode used in Super Smash Bros Brawl Wi-Fi connection. After choosing the "Basic Brawl" mode, the player goes to the character selection screen where they have 45 seconds to choose a character; after that they can cast a vote for which stage they would like to play by paying one coin. However, choosing a random stage is free. Stages and Items settings are chosen by lottery from among those voted on by the players. After the character and stage are chosen, the player has to wait in the practice stage. Matches are permanently set to two minute matches, and unlike With Friends mode, names will not be shown amongst players, and it is not possible to send short taunt messages. If the player loses the connection to the opponent(s) in the middle of the match, the entire match will end and they will have to search again for new opponents. However, a player's character will automatically be replaced by a bot if that player happens to disconnect in the middle of a match and is highly noticeable if that character poses a gray shield.


  • During an IGN interview with Sakurai, Sakurai has stated that he doesn't plan any online ranking systems, and didn't want new players to be insulted by other experienced players via microphone chatting, which could explain why Basic Brawl has so many limitations.

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