For the item, see Banana Peel (item).

The Banana Peel is Diddy Kong's Down Special Move. He tosses a Banana Peel backward which can be slipped on.


This move can either be used like a tilt or like a smash; the former will make the Banana Peel come out at a shorter arc, while the latter causes a much higher arc. Diddy can pick up Banana Peels from the ground and throw them for a small amount of damage and a slip. Additionally, if another character walks, runs, rolls over or lands on top of a Banana Peel, they will slip and fall, and the Peel will move away from them a bit.

This goes for every character. Since these Banana Peels are owned by Diddy, he cannot be tripped up by them unless someone else picks them up. If the peel is reflected, it is owned by the character that reflected it and Diddy can slip on it. Only two Banana Peels can be in play for each Diddy Kong. If a Diddy tries to use this move with two Banana Peels on the field already, Diddy will go on with the animation but another banana will not come out. Diddy can also Glide Toss his Banana Peels, among with many other advanced techniques. The versatility of Diddy Kong's Banana Peels make them quite useful for both offensive and defensive means, as well as stage control.

In Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, Diddy is only able to have one Banana Peel in play at a time.

Diddy Kong's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Peanut Popgun
Side Special Monkey Flip
Up Special Rocketbarrel Boost
Down Special Banana Peel
Final Smash Rocketbarrel Barrage Hyper Rocket Barrel


Shocking Banana Peel

Shocking Banana Peel is a banana peel that paralyzes foes. More effective if stepped on.


  • Paralysis effect leaves opponents briefly vulnerable
  • Combo starter
  • More effective if the opponent steps on the banana peel
  • Edge-guarding tool


  • Paralysis effect is very brief when peel is thrown at opponent

The Shocking Banana Peel is tossed behind Diddy Kong in a more arching trajectory; when it makes contact with an opponent, it temporarily inflicts them with paralysis. The paralysis effect lasts noticeably longer if the opponent themselves step on the banana peel rather than if Diddy Kong throws the banana peel at them. Even so, the move has its uses as a combo starter and edge-guarding tool. The paralysis effect can leave the opponent open to a grab or dash attack. Placing the banana peel on the edge of the stage can limit the opponent's edge options, forcing a ledge hop or edge roll, which the player can position Diddy to punish easily.

Battering Banana Peel

Battering Banana Peel throw a banana peel straight up. The peel launches foes straight up, as well.


  • Excellent combo starter
  • Smash input can deter aerial approaches
  • Easy to grab with an airdodge
  • Kill set-up


  • Cannot set up for grabs

The Battering Banana Peel is an excellent combo starter since it knocks opponents upwards when it hits them; though it cannot combo into grabs, it can combo into up smash and all of Diddy Kong's aerials. This can also make it a useful kill move set-up at higher percentages where an up or back aerial is lethal. The banana peel is tossed at a steep upwards angle and because of this Diddy Kong can jump nearly straight upwards and then airdodge to grab it immediately after it is thrown. The smash input of the move tosses the banana peel much higher, which can be useful for deterring an opponent making an aerial approach from behind.

Diddy Kong's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Exploding Popgun Jumbo Peanuts
Side Special Back Flip Flying Monkey Flip
Up Special Rocketbarrel Attack Rocketbarrel Kaboom
Down Special Shocking Banana Peel Battering Banana Peel


Bananas were collectibles from the game Donkey Kong Country. They functioned exactly the same as coins from the Mario series, as if a player collects 100, s/he will gain an extra life. There were even banana bunches that have ten of them. In Donkey Kong 64, there were banana peels on the floor in Donkey Kong's tree house, and if he (or any other kongs) walk over them, they'll slip, but not trip and fall on the floor. Bananas as collectibles are a lot more important, as there are 100 colored bananas (each representing a different kong (yellow for Donkey Kong, red for Diddy Kong, blue for Lanky Kong, pink for Tiny Kong and green for Chunky Kong) in each world (except the final world, Hideout Helm) which are necessary for accessing boss battles. There were also the Golden Bananas, giant bananas that have a gold color which act simillar to the Power Stars from Super Mario 64, as they are required to unlock more levels. Though they could simply be the same Banana Peels from the Mario Kart series.