Balloon Fight is a stage that appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. The stage is a rendition of the first level of the original game.


It appears to be a stage with several platforms, three Flippers, a river with the fish, and the original 8-bit graphics similar to Mario Bros. and 75m from Brawl. Unlike with other stages, walking off the side of the screen will make you appear on the other side instead of self-destructing. This is a reference to the original Balloon Fight where the same thing would happen.


In Balloon Fight, a player would fly around in a helmet with balloons strapped on on. He would try to defeat all enemies who were resting on platforms. This stage, minus the playable characters and items, has the original graphics from the NES game.



  • This is the first Super Smash Bros. stage in which you can travel from one side of the stage to the other side without self-destructing.

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