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Bahamut ZERO (バハムート零式, Bahamūto Reishiki, literally "Bahamut Type-0") is a summon in the Final Fantasy series. He appears as a stage hazard in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U for the Midgar stage.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Like the other four summons, Bahamut ZERO has a chance of appearing when a player gets a Summon Materia, and appears in his Final Fantasy VII incarnation.

He will attack from the skies with Tera Flare, a massive energy beam that will deal continuous damage (up to 39%) as well very high knockback. Much like the Combo Cannon on the Halberd stage, a target will appear to show where the attack will hit, however the target does not move, but allows the character who summoned Bahamut ZERO to throw opponents into its range. The summoner is immune to the attack.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In this game, Bahamut fills the same role, appearing as one of the possible stage hazards that can be summoned when someone obtains the Summon Materia.


Bahamut was introduced in the first Final Fantasy, but only became available as a summon since Final Fantasy III, where he attacks with Mega Flare, which deals non-elemental damage. He is often one of the most powerful Summon monsters in every game he appears. He is regarded as the King of Dragons, and when it talks, often displays a very arrogant personality and shows despise to humans, but recognizes their strength once bested in battle.

In Final Fantasy VII, there are two other variations of Bahamut, which are Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO, whose attacks are more powerful variations of Mega Flare. Bahamut ZERO, introduced in Final Fantasy VII, uses Tera Flare. The Bahamut ZERO Materia can be found at the planetarium in Cosmo Canyon, when the player touches the Blue Huge Materia. However, the player must already have both Bahamut and Neo Bahamut in possession to acquire Bahamut ZERO, and the Huge Materia "says" the names of the two summons, before relinquishing Bahamut ZERO. He is the last Summon Materia to become available since the player must have first done all the Huge Materia sidequests, during which time the player can obtain the ShinRa Sub and breed chocobos to get to places where the other Summon Materia are located, but can be permanently missed if one of the requirements are not met.

Bahamut (Arabic بهموت Bahamūt) originated as an enormous whale in ancient pre-Islamic Arabian mythology. Upon Bahamut's back stands a bull with four thousand eyes, ears, noses, mouths, tongues and feet called Kujuta (also spelled "Kuyutha"). Between each of these is a distance of a 500-year journey. On the back of Kujuta is a mountain of ruby. Atop this mountain is an angel who carries six hells, earth, and seven heavens on its shoulders. His appearance is owed more to the tabletop RPG series Dungeons and Dragons, which reimagines Bahamut as the benevolent King of Dragons, a title he also carries in Final Fantasy games. Interestingly to note, the bull mounted on his back in the Arabic legend, Kujuta, also appears in Final Fantasy VII as a summon.

The 零式 (Reishiki) in Bahamut ZERO's Japanese name comes from the A6M Reishiki Kanjō Sentōki (零式艦上戦闘機), a Japanese fighter plane.


  • Bahamut ZERO also appears in Final Fantasy Type-0, and its inclusion also alludes to the recurring theme of "zero" in the game. He has not appeared in any other Final Fantasy games since.
  • In Training Mode, opening the menu while the CPU is caught in Tera Flare will cause the CPU to be hit repeatedly until the menu is closed.

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