Aymr is Byleth's Down Special Move. Byleth will swing his axe named Aymr downwards in front of himself.

Due to its aspects, this move is very similar to Falcon Punch and Warlock Punch.


Byleth draws back Aymr before swinging it in a downwards arc. At its sweet spot, the head of the axe, it deals considerable knockback and around 30% damage. However, if the opponent is hit by the shockwave hitbox, they will be launched with comparatively weak knockback and only deals 8%. Aymr has decent range, covering behind, above, and in front of Byleth. If the player tilts the control stick in the opposite direction that Byleth is facing at the very beginning of the move, Byleth will turn around, causing Aymr to be executed in the opposite direction. If the move is initiated on a platform, Byleth can drop down through it if the player tilts the control stick down during Aymr's startup. This dropdown mechanic allows Byleth to perform possible mix-ups when using this move.

Aymr is very strong, which makes this move one of Byleth's strongest finishers. It also has super armor throughout its startup, which minimizes the chances of the move being interrupted with an attack. However, this move is very predictable due to its long startup. This means that Byleth would be vulnerable to grabs and counters. Aymr does not break shields in one hit, which easily allows the opponent to simply shield or wait out the attack and then follow up with an optimal punish.

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