Axe is Simon and Richter Belmont's Standard Special. The user throws an axe in an upward arc.


When executed, Axe will travel in an upwards arc and continue doing so until it makes contact with an opponent, which will inflict a high amount of freeze frames on them before launching them, or unless it hits a shield, in which it will disappear. Similar to Snake's Grenades, Axe's trajectory can be altered by tilting the control stick in a horizontal direction before throwing it; tilting it forward launches the axe further, while tilting it backwards launches the axe closer to Simon and Richter. The move deals 15% damage.

Axe has high startup lag, and its parabolic trajectory makes it difficult to use as a conventional projectile against grounded opponents. However, Axe's high damage and knocback as well as its vertical range make it an exceptional projectile against aerial opponents, and its ability to pass through solid terrain makes a very effective edgeguarding tool.


The Axe is a recurring weapon in the Castlevania series, used frequently by the Belmonts as well as Alucard and the Morris family. Like all subweapons, the Axe can be found in certain candles and costs one heart to throw. Thanks to its large throwing arc, it is ideal for taking down aerial-based enemies and can be used at times to strike Dracula in his head without having to jump. According to Lament of Innocence, the axe is said to be made of silver, hence its ability to destroy monsters created by Dracula.

Simon's and Richter's Special Moves
Standard Special Axe
Side Special Cross
Up Special Uppercut
Down Special Holy Water
Final Smash Grand Cross
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