Autolances (キャタガード Kyatagādo, Cataguard in Japan) are some of the more powerful enemies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's The Subspace Emissary and first appear in The Battlefield Fortress level. They move on treads and use giant lances attached to their fronts to ram and attack. Autolances do not flinch at any attack, making them somewhat threatening, especially coupled with other enemies. An Autolance's weak spot is inside its armored-helmet head in the form of an emergency light. An Autolance has three different types of attacks, the first being a long-range move where it launches a giant lance at the player. This can be reflected. The others are fast, close-range lance attack that come without warning, one of which is a stab and the other is a two-hit combo that knocks upwards. Another reason unknown why Autolance is called Autolance because of the emergency light that looks like an ambulance.

Name origin

Autolance's name is a combination of the prefix auto- (possibly automotive), being a machine capable of moving by itself, and lance, the weapon it uses to attack. Its appearance seems to based on the helmet of a medieval knight.

Trophy description

Autolance Trophy

An enemy that moves on caterpillar treads and uses the giant lance attached to its front to ram and sometimes shoot you. Looking for a weak spot? It's inside that armored-helmet head in the form of an emergency light. But.. Autolances aren't Subspace Army emergency vehicles-why would they need an emergency light? Aah, the mystery!