Auroroses (アロアロス, Aroaros in Japan) are bird-like enemies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's The Subspace Emissary. It usually hovers in one spot until the player comes into range after diving from the sky, jabbing its beak into the ground. Flocks of Auroroses occasionally fly by, but usually only one or two will stop to attack the player, and will act as normal Auroroses otherwise. Once it is stuck in the ground, it cannot attack, and it can be pulled out and can also used as a thrown item. After being thrown in this manner, the Auroros is defeated.

On difficulties above hard, Auroros cannot generally be thrown at all, turning into the "destroyed enemy" projectile as soon as A is pressed. While this can still damage enemies, it is difficult to aim.

Name origin

Auroros' name is an obvious corruption of the word aurora, describing its colorful feathers.

Trophy description

A unique enemy characterized by a long beak and rainbow-patterned wings and tail. Like most birds, the Auroros flies through the sky. Once one has you in its sights, it will dive in for the attack. Since it has a sharp beak, dodging its attack will leave it stuck firmly in the ground. Fortunately, you can pull it out of the ground and throw it like a javelin.