A graph of how much damage aura attacks do based on the user's current damage. Click for full-size version.

Lucario's attacks have the aura effect. By itself, aura has no effect other than producing blue flame-like energy; when used by Lucario, however, the power of the attack is altered based on Lucario's current damage, being weakened when Lucario is at low damage and strengthened when Lucario is at high damage.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Brawl, all of Lucario's attacks are affected by aura except for its dash attackback throwdown throw, and floor attacks. The strength formula is as follows:


where r is the percentage of the damage dealt (for example, if r is 80, the attack is at 0.8x strength) and d is Lucario's current damage.

Effectively, Lucario's attacks deal normal damage when it is at 75%, weakening to as low as 0.7x damage when it is at 20% or lower, and strengthening to as high as 1.4x damage when it is at 170% or higher.

It is known from the official Brawl website that aura is not only affected by damage percentage, but also by Lucario's placing in the match, making it stronger when it's behind and weaker when it's ahead. However, these numbers are not currently compiled.

In Super Smash Bros. 4

In SSB4, the effect of aura has been increased overall - the limits are more extreme, as are the multipliers at those extremes. In addition, all of Lucario's attacks are now affected without exception.


Effectively, Lucario's attacks deal normal damage when it is at 70%, weakening to as low as 0.66x damage when it is at 0%, and strengthening to as high as 1.7x damage when it is at 190% or higher. Overall, this amounts to a buff compared to Brawl, except when Lucario is at a minuscule 8% damage or lower.

In addition to the above, the multiplier is multiplied again with a complicated factor based on Lucario's placing in the match and how many players there are (excluding CPUs). When Lucario's position changes, it takes 6.25 seconds for the new value to scale into full effect; if Lucario's position changes again during this time, the multiplier immediately skips to its new value. The mechanic is named Stock Aura by players. The extra multiplier s that Lucario receives from Stock Aura is determined by the following formula.


In this formula:

  • p is the number of players in the game, excluding CPUs, with a maximum of 4. It does not count eliminated players or take team affiliation into account.
  • t is the number of stocks Lucario is trailing the leader of the match by, with a maximum of 2.
  • l is the number of stocks Lucario is leading the trailer of the match by, with a maximum of 2.

This formula has an additional wrinkle in modes other than stock. In time mode, Lucario's lead/trail is equal to 1 until the difference between it and the leader/trailer is 5, at which point the lead/trail is 2. In coin mode, the value is 0 when Lucario is even and 2 otherwise.

For practical purposes, the most common multipliers in serious play are thus:

Placing Multiplier (2 players) Multiplier (3 players) Multiplier (4 players)
Ahead by 2 0.8 0.727 0.667
Ahead by 1 0.888 0.842 0.8
Even 1.0 1.0 1.0
Behind by 1 1.143 1.231 1.333
Behind by 2 1.333 1.6 2.0

Once all these factors are combined, the final aura multiplier cannot be lower than 0.6x or higher than 1.8x.

Mega Lucario's aura attacks always deal 1.8x damage regardless of its current damage percentage.


  • In Brawl, it is a common misconception that aura attacks reach maximum power at 182% damage, not the actual 170% damage. This is due to Event 25: The Aura Is With Me placing Lucario at 182% to start the match, implying that 182% is the maximum.
    • A less common misconception is that each of Lucario's attacks has an individual aura cap. This is due to the game not displaying or otherwise acknowledging the presence of decimal figures, so for example an attack dealing a maximum of 9.8 damage can be believed to have capped earlier than one dealing a maximum of 9.0 damage.
  • When Kirby copies Lucario's Aura Sphere, he does not copy the aura mechanic. His Aura Sphere remains fixed at the power it would have if Lucario were at base aura strength (75% damage in Brawl, 70% damage in SSB4).
  • When Lucario has a high defense stat, the aura grows more slowly. For each point in defense, Lucario needs to recieve 1% more damage to reach maximum aura.