Ashley Robbins, full name Ashley Mizuki Robbins (Robbins spelled in PAL regions as "Robins") is the protagonist of the Another Code games, Another Code: Two Memories, released in North America as "Trace Memory", and it's sequel, Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories, which was never released in North America.

She appears in the Smash series as a trophy and a collectible sticker, alongside her aunt, Jessica, and the captain from Trace Memory.


Ashley is a honest and inquisitive, and brave half-Japanese-American who is Japanese on her mother's side. She witnessed her mother's fatal shooting was she was three. Having grown up thinking she was an orphan, Ashley was shocked to discover that her father was alive, and that her aunt had kept it a secret from her.

Trace Memory takes place the day before her 14th birthday, and follows her journey to discover the truth behind her family and her mother's murder. In Another Code: R, Ashley is 16 and has become an inspiring musician. However she finds herself wrapped up in more mysteries surrounding her and her mother at Lake Juliet.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The 13 year old Ashley appears as a trophy in Brawl, and is unlocked by playing the game for 100 total hours. She also appears as a collectible sticker, alongside Jessica and the captain.

Trophy Description

Ashley Robbins Trophy.jpg

A black-eyed, unique 13-year-old girl raised by her aunt, Jessica, after her parents disappeared in an accident when she was three. Her father and mother researched biology and memory, respectively. One day, Ashley receives a package from the father she had assumed was long dead. Hoping to meet him, she travels out to Blood Edward Island with Jessica.
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