Armights (アラモス卿 Aramosu Kyou, Sir Alamos in Japan) are enemies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's The Subspace Emissary and first appear in The Battlefield Fortress level. They appear to be floating squids donning golden Trojan helmets, clutching gladiuses with two of their appendages. Armights have three different attacks, the first being a stab which it quickly executes using both swords. The second is a combo, usually composed of double slashes. The final move is a ranged attack in which it throws both swords in quick succession. An Armight's entrance is accompanied by a resonating "ho ho ho!" laugh.

Armights prove hard to capture as trophies because they are good at dodging, so the best tactic is to stun them or throw the stand at them when regenerating the swords

Name origin

Armight's name is a combination of the words arm, describing its long appendages that end with blades, and knight, describing its overall appearance.

Trophy description

Armight Trophy

A Subspace enemy. Look at the arms on this thing. It's also got an awfully fancy mustache! Without much of a body, Armight floats softly in the air--all arms, legs, and head. Resplendent in a nice armored helmet, Armight attacks with its arms and swords and will sometimes throw the latter at you unexpectedly.


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