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Arm Rotor is R.O.B.'s Side Special Move. The attack causes R.O.B. to spin with arms outstretched. The also attack lifts R.O.B. into the air slightly, allowing it to be used to aid R.O.B.'s recovery slightly. It deals minor damage (normally 4%), hits multiple times, and has decent stun and knockback. This attack can also reflect any incoming projectiles that hit the outstretched arms. The move can be bit difficult to use as a reflector, as there is bit of delay before R.O.B. starts to spin his arms, thus requiring more accurate timing than the other faster reflectors. Finally, it can be extended by rapidly tapping the Special Move button. If R.O.B. moves left or right while performing this move, his torso will also bend.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, it now ends with an uppercut that does increased damage and knockback.

Custom Variations

Reflector Arm

Reflector Arm is one of R.O.B.'s Side Special Moves that can be used via customizations. R.O.B. does a spin that lasts longer and with increased damage and knockback. The move can easily reflect projectiles, however, it can score only one hit.

Backward Arm Rotor

Backward Arm Rotor is one of R.O.B.'s Side Special Moves that can be used via customizations. R.O.B. does a quick spin and ends with a fast uppercut. It's very hard to reflect projectiles.

R.O.B.'s Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Wide-Angle Beam Infinite Robo Beam
Side Special Reflector Arm Backward Arm Rotor
Up Special Robo Rocket High-Speed Burner
Down Special Fire Gyro Slip Gyro


Rotating his arms and opening his hands were the only functions R.O.B could do to interact with games possibly serving as the inspiration of the fast paced Arm Rotor.

R.O.B.'s Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Robo Beam
Side Special Arm Rotor
Up Special Robo Burner
Down Special Gyro
Final Smash Diffusion Beam Super Diffusion Beam Guided Robo Beam
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