Areadbhar is Byleth's Side Special Move. Byleth goes forward and swings their lance, ironically named

Areadbhar, upwards.


On the ground, Areadbhar has massive range, covering above and in front of Byleth. This move also deals decent damage and knockback. However, it also has decent startup and endlag, allowing players to simply shield or avoid the attack and follow up with a punish. The player can increase the distance of Byleth's initial dash by inputting Areadbhar like a smash attack.

In the air, Byleth swings Areadbhar in a circle, covering him in nearly all directions. The move still has massive range and can fill in for the verticality that Byleth's forward and back aerials lack. However, its startup and endlag still remain the same. In addition, the aerial form of Areadbhar has a fair amount of landing lag as well, which could mean that using this move in the air is much riskier than using it on the ground.

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