Apples are a special kind of item that only appear with Mr. Game and Watch's #7 Judge and in the Green Greens stage. Whispy Woods will shake his branches and unleash 2-5 apples from its leaves. Although it's an item, it disappears faster than regular items, like the Hammer Head. Three things can happen when you pick up an apple:

  • The apple will heal you about 10%.
  • The apple can be picked up and thrown at an opponent for a decent amount of damage. It can deal around 7-13%, and if thrown at the ground right in front of someone (while in the air above them), the apple may bounce up and deal 1%.
  • When thrown, apples can (rarely) explode.

When spawned from Judge, it can only heal.

Trophy Description

This isn't an enemy at all. It's just an apple. Still they're something to watch out for--Whispy Woods will try to hit you on the head with them. Some enemies like to roll around on them too. Apples come in two varieties--one gives you health, and the other you can throw. And, needless to say, Kirby's favorite food is.. Oh, it's tomatoes.

  • Game Boy - Kirby's Dream Land (08/1992)
  • Wii - Kirby's Return to Dream Land (10/2011)


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Throw 4%
Up Tilt Throw 6%
Down Tilt Throw 5%
Dash Throw 11%
Forward Smash Throw 12%
Up Smash Throw 10%
Down Smash Throw 6%
Aerial Throw 8%
Aerial Up Tilt Throw 6%
Aerial Down Tilt Throw 6%
Aerial Forward Smash Throw 9%
Aerial Up Smash Throw 6%
Aerial Down Smash Throw 6%
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