"Time for an all-out attack!" - Futaba Sakura

All-Out Attack is Joker's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is a trapping/directional Final Smash, as Joker rushes forth to attack his opponent.


After activating the Final Smash, Joker will shout "Ravage them!", rush forward in his fury, and hit any opponent in front of him. If the Final Smash connects with the opponent, Joker will summon his party members from Persona 5 and attack the opponent(s) with a flurry of punches. After the attack, Joker will land in front of the opponent and fix his glove while a splash screen appears featuring the words "The Show's Over." Afterwards, the game returns to the stage where the trapped opponents will either be knocked back or instantly KO'd if above 100%. If not, they will receive considerable knockback, although not particularly good for a Final Smash.

If Joker misses the initial strike, by tilting the control stick backwards Joker will dash back, allowing a second opportunity to initiate All-Out-Attack.


  • Futaba Sakura:
    • "Time for an All-Out Attack!"
    • "Here comes the pain!"
    • "Beat 'em up!"
  • Morgana: (Note that Morgana looks angry.)
    • "Time for some brutality!"
    • "It's too late for apologies!"
    • "Quiver in fear!"

Joker's Special Moves
w/o Arsene with Arsene
Standard Special Gun Gun Special
Side Special Eiha Eigaon
Up Special Grappling Hook Wings of Rebellion
Down Special Rebel's Guard Tetrakarn/Makarakarn
Final Smash All-Out Attack


All-Out Attack is a prominent mechanic in the Persona series, being an option that allows all party members to attack the enemy if they suffered a critical hit or elemental weakness. The All-Out Attack in Persona 5 is nearly identical to its incarnation in Ultimate, however, in place of blood, sparkles appear (presumably to keep the game's E-10+ rating), and the final splash screen will only appear if all enemies are KO'd, as opposed to Ultimate where it'll appear regardless if it KO's any opponents or not.



  • When Joker wins a match by using his Final Smash, the GAME! title card will be featured and will transition to the victory screen instead of returning to the game screen, similar to how it works in Persona 5 when Joker uses it to finish off an enemy.
  • All-Out Attack is one of two Final Smashes that removes the damage meter for its entire duration, the other being Triple Finish.
  • All-Out Attack is the first Final Smash to incorporate pre-rendered cinematics.
  • After Joker's release, using All-Out Attack to finish a game in Classic Mode would cause the game to freeze, most likely as there was no actual victory screen to transition to as in the normal Smash modes. This was fixed in version 3.0.1.