Adventure Mode is a single player mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which is made up of different stages. In each, the player needs to complete the objective to progress in the story. Like in Classic Mode, The player can choose their character, the number of stocks, and the difficulty. The stages generally follow a fixed pattern, but there are possible divergences depending on what actions the player performs. This mode can also be seen as the enhanced successor to 1P Game (from the original Super Smash Bros.) which did not return proper for Super Smash Bros. Melee. The Yoshi Team, Giant DK, the Kirby Team, and Metal Mario return as opponent characters in this mode. Also, the first 9 stages out of 12 match the playable character roster of Smash 64 (if counting the F-Zero and EarthBound universes) and part of the "Original 10" universes from the original game. However, the Yoshi universe is the exception (which is instead incorporated in the Mario universe).

In any rare case, if a player runs out of time on the Mushroom Kingdom, Underground Maze, or F-Zero Grand Prix stages (which lasts 7:00), they can try that stage again from the beginning, but no stock gets lost. Like Classic Mode, running out of time in any of the stages’ regular battles (lasting 4:00) will result in retrying that battle again with one stock lost, except for the Brinstar Escape Shaft as players lose a stock, but keep moving on (as if it was a Bonus Stage). For the latter, while the Adventure Mode does feature typical one-on-one fights common in the Classic mode, some fights are considerably less straightforward, or follow a theme; for instance, Stage 7: Pokémon Stadium pits the player against a team of 12 Pikachu, as well as the potential for Jigglypuff and Pichu (but must first be unlocked), but only with Poké Balls as available items, mirroring the Pokémon series' gameplay. Some stages also incorporate platforming elements prior to fighting, such as Stage 3: Underground Maze, and others, such as the Escape From Brinstar segment in Stage 4: Brinstar, lack fighting altogether. Another point of interest in the mode is the inclusion of various enemies in the stages that are not fighters, but rather, serve as obstacles to the player; among these include Goombas and ReDeads. Adding to this depth of making the Adventure Mode more involved, the stages follow a loose narrative, involving the player's character traveling to different planets, as seen between Stages 4 and 5, and finally ending up at Stage 12: Final Destination.

Stage 1: Mushroom Kingdom

Part 1: Reach the Finishing Point/Team Yoshi Battle

The stage is known as Mushroom Kingdom Adventure, and the goal is simple: reaching the finishing point in 7 minutes. On the player's way through the stage, they will encounter Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Koopa Paratroopas. They can attack or use items to fight them off. Halfway through the stage, the player will encounter some platforms that rise up to the next part.

The player will come to a platform with a Super Mushroom symbol on it. They will have to fight the Yoshi Team (a team made up of 10 Yoshis). In order to progress, the player must defeat all of the Yoshis. The Yoshis are lighter than usual (unless on higher difficulties). The player should be able to fight the Yoshis off quickly, depending on what difficulty they are using. After the player beats the Yoshis, they will encounter a few more Goombas and Koopas. Finally, the player will see the finishing point with Toad running back and forth. Simply go to the marked area to complete the first part of this stage. Trophies are collectible in this stage.

Part 2: Team Mario and Peach Battle

This is the second part of the stage. The player must battle Mario and Peach on Princess Peach's Castle. The battle is like any regular battle, but at higher difficulties they will abuse the central tower to combo the player. Peach and Mario have a habit to run to the opposite side of the castle when Banzai Bill approaches the castle. They will not attack the player until Banzai Bill explodes, unless the player comes near. Defeating both of them will allow the player to move on to the next match.

Alternate part 2: Team Luigi and Peach Battle

Beating Adventure mode with a "2" in the seconds place (ex. 10:32:00) will make the player fight Luigi instead of Mario, along with the default Peach. Luigi fights similarly, though his misuse of the Green Missile can be used to the player's advantage, as it limits his vertical recovery. (Note: if the player defeats Luigi in under a minute and finishes the rest of Adventure Mode, then the player will be challenged by Luigi after they're finished with the game and can unlock him).

Stage 2: Kongo Jungle

Part 1: Tiny Donkey Kong Team Battle

The player must defeat two tiny Donkey Kongs in Kongo Jungle. Tiny characters are light and are easier to KO on low percentages, but their small size means they can be hard to hit. At normal or higher difficulties, these tiny Donkey Kongs are harder to KO. The best way to KO them is to throw them upwards on lower difficulties. On higher difficulties, the best way to KO them is to use an attack that can meteor smash or spike. Also, the two tiny Donkey Kongs can easily self destruct on higher difficulties by having the player use a forward smash near the ledge when the tiny Donkey Kongs are in the air, trying to jump back from the rock to the raft. The tiny Donkey Kongs will then air dodge and fall helpless until they are KO'd by the bottom blast line.

Part 2: Giant Donkey Kong Battle

Part two pits the player against Giant Donkey Kong on Jungle Japes. Giant characters weigh more and are harder to KO, but they are bigger targets. Giant Donkey Kong is not the brightest computer player either. Sometimes, when he tries to attack the player, he will self-destruct . Sometimes, DK gets KO'd when he hangs where the Klaptraps jump at. Beating this match will let the player proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3: Underground Maze

A look on the entire level from a distance.

Part 1: Reach the Finishing Point

This part is similar to Part 1 of the Mushroom Kingdom stage. The player will have 7 minutes to reach the finishing point. But this time getting to the finishing point will be much harder. Instead of the path to the finishing point being straightforward, it is randomly determined. The finishing point is actually the Triforce that the player must reach. The Triforce is located in a random area out of 6 areas total. The other five areas contain the Master Sword. If the player comes across the Master Sword, then they must battle Link. The player can actually jump over the Master Sword area and thus avoid battling Link.

The Underground Maze is infested with ReDeads, Octoroks, and Like Likes. These enemies can cause heavy damage, especially the ReDeads. The Underground Maze is large and easy to become lost in, with one area that has lava, which has a similar effect to touching the acid on the Brinstar stage. The player can collect trophies on the way.

Part 2: Zelda/Sheik Battle

In part two the player battles against Zelda or Sheik in the Temple stage. Beating one of them allows the player to progress to the next stage.

Stage 4: Brinstar

A warning before emergency at Brinstar.


Part 1: Samus Battle

The player battles Samus on the Planet Zebes: Brinstar stage. The player should be cautious of the acid since it will damage their character.

Part 2: Race to the finish

The goal of part 2 is to reach the finish point in 40 seconds. The player must jump on a series of platforms to get to the top of a stage known as the Brinstar Escape Shaft. The stage is complete when the player reaches the top or runs out of time. However, not making it to the goal in 40 seconds will result in a loss of one stock.

Stage 5: Green Greens

Part 1: Single Kirby Battle

A single battle with Kirby.

When the player first arrives at this level they will be pitted against a single Kirby in a standard one-on-one match, taking place on Green Greens. If the player manages to beat this and Part 2 in fewer than 30 seconds each, they will be pitted against a Giant Kirby.

Part 2: Team Kirby Battle

The player battles against various Kirbies who each possess different character abilities. The battle once again takes place on Green Greens and the player has 4 minutes to complete it. The Kirbies' different abilities are chosen at random, but no two will possess the same ability in the same match. On easier difficulties, the Kirbies are lighter and are extremely easy to knock out. On harder difficulties, the Kirbies are heavier and more aggressive, and harder to knock out.

Part 3 (optional): Giant Kirby Battle

If the player defeated the first Kirby and the Kirby team in fewer than 31 seconds each (the player can go as much as .99 seconds past 30 seconds), they will be given the chance to fight a giant Kirby. Defeating the Giant Kirby will reward the player the Giant Kirby KO bonus and 10,000 points is added to the player's scoreboard.

Stage 6: Corneria

Part 1: Fox Battle

The player will have 4 minutes to defeat Fox on Corneria. On normal or higher difficulties, Fox will run away from the player, moving from one end of the stage to another. He will only attack if the player comes near. On very easy and easy difficulties, he'll attack the player instead of running away. Defeating Fox will allow the player to progress to the second part of the stage.

Part 2: Fox Reborn Battle

The player will battle Fox once again. This time, Fox is far more aggressive, attacking the player rather than running away. Arwings will be flying around the stage and firing their lasers, which can damage both the player and Fox. Killing Fox will be the same as last time, although he is slightly lighter this time. Defeating Fox for the second time results in the completion of this stage.

Alternate part 2: Falco Battle

If the player has unlocked Falco, they will sometimes fight him instead. Falco's tactics are very similar to Fox's.

Interestingly, when Master Hand/Crazy Hand gets into Corneria, they get out of the blast lines and can easily KO their foes on that stage by simply grabbing them, and then they will return out of the blast lines, KOing their foe.

Stage 7: Pokémon Stadium

Part 1: Pokémon Battle

The player will battle a team of twelve Pokémon. If the player has not unlocked Jigglypuff or Pichu, then all 12 will be Pikachu. If the player has unlocked Jigglypuff and Pichu, they will appear in the mix, though in smaller numbers than Pikachu. The only items that appear on the stage are Poké Balls. The Poke Ball appearance depends on difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the less often that item will appear.

Stage 8: F-Zero Grand Prix

FZeroGrandPrix copy.jpg

Part 1: Reach the finishing point

The player's goal for part 1 is to reach the finish line in 4 minutes. While the player progresses towards the finish line, F-Zero race cars will speed through the track that the player is running on. A giant "!" on the screen indicates that race cars are approaching. If a car hits the player, then they will take 35% damage. The character will likely survive being hit once, but any subsequent impacts will usually lead to a KO. The player can jump on pink platforms that are situated throughout the stage to avoid being hit by the cars. The player must reach the finish line in order to progress to part 2 of this stage. There are also trophies scattered throughout that may be collected. Yoshi's Egg Roll, along with Jigglypuff's Rollout, can be used to cover long distances in this level.

Part 2: Captain Falcon Battle

The player will have 4 minutes to defeat Captain Falcon on Mute City. This battle is no different from the individual character battles that the player fought earlier. Defeating Captain Falcon will allow the player to progress to stage 9.

Stage 9: Onett

Part 1: Team Ness Battle

The player's goal is to defeat three Nesses in 4 minutes. The only item that will appear on the stage is Mr. Saturn. The Nesses will grab the Mr. Saturns and lug them at the player. The Nesses rarely attack the player's character on lower difficulties. Instead, they travel around the stage to collect Mr. Saturn's and throw them at the player. They will still attack the player if he/she comes near. On higher difficulties, the Nesses will attack the players until Mr. Saturn appears. Defeating all three Nesses will allow the player to progress to the next stage.

Stage 10: Icicle Mountain

Part 1: Reach the Top + Team Ice Climber Battle

Icicle Mountain has the player racing to the top of the stage. This stage is similar to the Icicle Mountain stage, the difference is that the movement is not random, and the speed is not random either. This stage is infested with Topis and Polar Bears. The stage starts off by going up at a slow pace. While the player is traveling upwards, they will encounter Topis and Polar Bears. The pace of the stage will start to increase as the player progresses. At the top of the stage the player must battle two pairs of Ice Climbers. Defeating the Ice Climbers will allow the player to progress to the next stage.

Stage 11: Battlefield

Part 1: Team Fighting Wire-Frames Battle

In the first part of this stage, the player must defeat fifteen Fighting Wire Frames in reduced gravity. The Fighting Wire Frames will be lighter on lower difficulties. On higher difficulties, the Fighting Wire Frames will be slightly heavier.

Part 2: Metal Mario Battle/Metal Bros. Battle

In the second part, the player must battle Metal Mario. If Luigi is unlocked, then Metal Luigi will appear alongside Metal Mario. Defeating both causes the player to win the Metal Bros. KO bonus for 8000 points. This is the only mode to have items appear in a metal battle for the first time unlike the metal battles in Classic Mode.

Stage 12: Final Destination

Part 1: Giant Bowser Battle

Mario battling with Bowser.

In the first part of this stage, the player must battle Giant Bowser.

If the player uses a continue after losing here, they will still able to fight Giga Bowser, but they lose the points for the continue.

Part 2 (optional): Giga Bowser Battle

In the second part of this stage, the player must defeat Giga Bowser as the final battle. The player can only fight him if they meet the following conditions:

  • The player plays Adventure Mode on normal difficulty or higher.
  • The player makes it to this stage in less than 18 minutes.
  • The player defeats Giant Bowser in the previous battle.

When the player meets these conditions, the player is placed into the fray against Giga Bowser. Defeating him with give the player the "Giga Bowser KO" bonus, adding 100,000 points to their score; defeating him without using a continue also gives the player the Giga Bowser trophy.

If the player uses continues, they can fight Giga Bowser as many times as they wish. But when the limit has passed, Giga Bowser cannot be fought again and Adventure is deemed as completed after Giant Bowser is defeated.


  • Clearing Adventure Mode on Hard or Very Hard without using any continues gives the player the Crazy Hand trophy.
  • Clearing Adventure Mode with all characters gives the player the F-Zero Racers trophy.


  • There are no opponents nor stages based with the Yoshi, Fire Emblem, nor Game and Watch universes. The Yoshi universe instead is folded in the Mario universe rather than its own universe and stage, while the Fire Emblem music track (an alternate music track for Temple) can be played on Stage 3 when Marth and Roy are unlocked.
    • Adventure Mode mirrors the original single player gameplay of Super Smash Bros. as the player has to progress through each stage by defeating the default characters although there are no bonus stages and the player must fight both Metal Mario and Metal Luigi before proceeding to the final battle.
  • Holding the L Button in certain stages can change the music that usually plays, similarly to VS Mode.

Unlock Adventure Mode Music

  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Fire Emblem
  • Brinstar Depths
  • Fountain of Dreams
  • Battle Theme
  • Mach Rider
  • Mother 2
  • Balloon Fight
  • Multi-Man Melee 1

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