Game & Watch, Three R.O.B.s, Mario, Yoshi, and Two Sonics in 8-Player Smash in Super Smash Bros Wii U

Game & Watch, Three R.O.B.s, Mario, Yoshi, and Two Sonics are Taunting in Pokémon Stadium 2 Ω Form in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

8-Player Smash (8人乱闘, 8-Person Fray) is a gameplay mode introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. This allows to play with 8 players or CPUs at once on certain stages. This mode allows eight players to play on the same stage at one time. In addition to red, blue, yellow, and green indicators for players 1-4, players 5-8 receive new indicators colored orange, cyan, purple, and slate respectively.
Only the Time and Stock rule settings can be used in this mode and Hazards are turned off when playing more than 4 players. In Team Battles, you can fight with up to four teams, with the team colors being red, blue, green, and yellow. Some stages will not be available, depending on the number of characters in the match. The other modes are 5-Player, 6-Player and 7-Player Smash.

8-Player Smash returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of Smash mode. This is possible by adding more than 4 participants in a battle when selecting fighters. It's also possible to battle with 8 players in Smashdown and Super Sudden Death, however still not in Custom Smash. All stages are available this time regardless of number of players.

Stages available in 8-Player Smash

Only certain stages and their Ω Forms can be played on. Sizes of stages may change to accommodate for the larger amount of players. Several of the stages' hazards or background elements are also removed. Certain stages allow for 5 or 6 players, but not 7 or 8. Ω Form stages will be scaled up depending on how many players are present.

  Stage Max players
SmashBrosSymbol Battlefield 8
SmashBrosSymbol Big Battlefield 8
MarioSymbol Mushroom Kingdom U 4
MarioSymbol Mario Galaxy 8 Background ships are removed.
MarioSymbol Delfino Plaza 4
MarioSymbol Mario Circuit (Brawl) 8 Shy Guys do not appear.
MarioSymbol Luigi's Mansion 8 The pillars cannot be destroyed.
MarioSymbol Peach's Castle (64) 8
MarioSymbol Super Mario Maker 8
DKSymbol Jungle Hijinxs 4
DKSymbol Kongo Jungle 64 8
DKSymbol 75m 8
ZeldaSymbol Bridge of Eldin 8 King Bulblin does not appear.
ZeldaSymbol Temple 8
ZeldaSymbol Hyrule Castle (64) 8
ZeldaSymbol Pirate Ship 4
MetroidSymbol Pyrosphere 8 Ridley and other hazards do not appear. The lava doesn't flow in the background.
MetroidSymbol Norfair 8 No lava-related hazards appear.
YoshiSymbol Yoshi's Island 8
YoshiSymbol Woolly World 4 The terrain does not depress when players stand on it.
KirbySymbol The Great Cave Offensive 8
KirbySymbol Halberd 4
KirbySymbol Dream Land (64) 8
StarFoxSymbol Orbital Gate Assault 4 Arwings do not appear in the background.
StarFoxSymbol Lylat Cruise 8 The background is only set to starry space.
PokemonSymbol Kalos Pokémon League 4
PokemonSymbol Pokémon Stadium 2 8 The stage does not change its layout, and the jumbotron is blank.
FZeroSymbol Port Town Aero Dive 4 No F-Zero Racers appear.
EarthboundSymbol Onett 8
FireEmblemSymbol Castle Siege 8
Game&WatchSymbol Flat Zone X 6
KidIcarusSymbol Palutena's Temple 8
KidIcarusSymbol Skyworld 6
WarioSymbol Gamer 4
PikminSymbol Garden of Hope 4
AnimalCrossingSymbol Town and City 8 No background characters appear.
AnimalCrossingSymbol Smashville 8 No background characters appear.
WiiFitSymbol Wii Fit Studio 8 The background does not change to a mirror.
XenobladeSymbol Gaur Plain 8 Metal Face does not appear.
DuckHuntSymbol Duck Hunt 8 The dog and ducks do not appear.
WreckingCrewSymbol Wrecking Crew 4
PilotwingsSymbol Pilotwings 4
SonicSymbol Windy Hill Zone 8
MegaManSymbol Wily Castle 4
PacManSymbol Pac-Land 6
StreetFighterSymbol Suzaku Castle 8
FatalFurySymbol Midgar 8 No Summon Materia appear.
BayonettaSymbol Umbra Clock Tower 8

Unavailable stages

The following stages are unavailable in 8-Player Smash in normal or Ω form. Custom Stages are also not selectable, with the option replaced with the option for switching to Ω Forms (prior to the 1.0.8 update).

PunchOutSymbol Boxing Ring
FireEmblemSymbol Coliseum
SmashBrosSymbol Final Destination
MarioSymbol Mario Circuit
MiiverseSymbol Miiverse
ZeldaSymbol Skyloft
WiiSportsSymbol Wuhu Island


  • 8-Player Smash was planned to appear in Melee, however usage of the Debug menu can allow for partially implemented 6-player battles.
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