75m (also stylized 75 m) is an unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a familiar stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and a starter stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The stage is based on the 75m level of the original arcade version of Donkey Kong; however, it is a bit more reminiscent to the NES port rather than the original arcade version.

Stage overview

The stage is a retro stage in the sense that it uses the original 8-bit graphics to replicate the look. Unlike Flat Zone and Flat Zone 2, however, the stage is not completely 2D, as the platforms and ladders all have depth. There are many small platforms at the bottom part of the stage, but there is also a long platform on the top, and several larger platforms on the right. The stage has walk-off blast lines on some of the platforms. Numerous ladders connect some of the platforms, along with two moving elevators with small platforms traveling upward, bringing characters to the long platform on top. The platforms cannot be jumped through from above, only from below. 75m is the second largest new stage in Brawl after New Pork City. Masahiro Sakurai has stated that the stage is quite large, but the small platforms and dangers give the stage a cramped feel.

A key part of this stage is the Donkey Kong arcade sprite (who, according to one of Snake's Codec conversations, is actually a younger Cranky Kong), who sits on the long platform. He normally sits behind the stage in the background, but sometimes he lights up and comes into the foreground. This is preceded by the music for his theme, giving an opportunity for players to react before he attacks. While he is in the foreground, contacting him causes moderate damage and knockback. Four jacks will also bounce in from the left at regular intervals and fall after they bounce off the long platform, also causing damage and knockback. After a certain amount of time, Donkey Kong will go back into the background.

All items from the original Donkey Kong game return as items in the stage, which are the Trouble Bugs, jacks, the purses, the umbrellas, and the hats. The Trouble Bugs move along the platforms and ladders, and cause fire damage and knockback upon contact. The purses, the umbrellas, and the hats can be picked up if a character touches them, and this has no effect on gameplay. The score in the top left-hand corner increases by 800 each time an item is picked up, but this also has no effect on gameplay.

Gameplay on 75m tends to take place in the upper right-hand corner. This area is much more flat and has fewer gaps than the rest of the level and is much less prone to random objects flying out and KOing players. While a large stage in terms of blast lines, it tends to feel cramped because of the many small platforms. Also, because the majority of the fighting takes place in the upper right hand corner, the stage tends to feel imbalanced towards that side. In general, it is quite difficult to KO a player off the left or bottom edges, while it is rather easy to do so off the top or right.

While not much has changed in the stage when ported to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the platforms on the right have been changed into regular platforms instead of walk-offs. This makes the platform where Donkey Kong appears to be the only walk-off on the stage. In addition, several platforms have been changed allowing players to pass through them from above, allowing more mobility in the stage. Furthermore, when Donkey Kong is in the foreground, only two jacks at a time will bounce in, as opposed to four.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the stage is 2D, rather than 3D. However, the Omega and Battlefield forms are still 3D.

Tournament legality

Due to the stage's cramped feel, large size, dangerous hazards, generally unusual layout, and overcentralization towards the top-right corner, 75m has been banned from tournament play, as it is too difficult to play a proper competitive match on.


The original appearance of 75m in Donkey Kong.

In the arcade game Donkey Kong, 75m is the name of the third level in the game. In the arcade game, Donkey Kong would throw springs at Mario. Mario would have to avoid fire balls and climb ladders to reach Donkey Kong (these features are retained). The stage also retains the items that could be collected to earn more points on the levels both 50m and 75m (hats, parasols, and purses). This stage is a very accurate rendition of the original 75m, with the only major difference being the removal of the bottom-most platform, which instead lies in the background.



  • The DOJO!!'s page on 75m gives the stage's name as "75m" (without a space), and the music track "25m BGM" is formatted without a space. However, under SI standards SI units should have a space separating the number and the units (representing multiplication), and it is formatted with a space in Game Boy version of Donkey Kong.
  • The Donkey Kong Masterpiece begins on this level.
  • This is the only stage with no songs unlockable for its My Music beyond its original tracks.
  • All three of the songs that play on this stage include the 25m theme in some shape or form.
  • The platforms on this level bear a striking resemblance to some platforms in Donkey Kong's SSB's bonus levels.
  • This is the only stage where all songs come from the same game as the stage.
  • In Brawl, this stage and Mario Bros. are the only stages based on an arcade game.
  • Even though DK threw wooden barrels in the original Donkey Kong, the crates and barrels that appear on this stage are presents.
  • In Brawl, the right part of the stage has walk-off ledges. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U , These areas are not present, making it the only returning stage to have a significant change to it.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, this stage is one of the 9 stages that does not appear in Classic Mode, with the other 8 being Jungle Hijinxs, Temple, The Great Cave Offensive, Flat Zone X, Palutena's Temple, Boxing Ring, Gaur Plain, and the Miiverse stage.

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