5-Volt is a character in the Wario Ware Inc. series.

Character description

5-volt is the tough-but-fair mother of 9-Volt. She has brown hair and wears a light green dress. She also seems to have a competitive spirit, as she beat both of her kids in balloon fight.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

She appears as a stage hazard in the Gamer stage. If she sees a character, she will launch a high-knockback attack if they walk into the flashing lights while she is scanning the room.

Players can see her coming by her silhouette appearing on the TV screen, when she is walking outside the window, or by a rattling on the door.


  • Occasionally her silhouette outside will turn out to be a man, or the rattling at the door be a cat, or the TV could turn on and reveal a hand puppet.
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