3D Land (3Dランド 3D Rando?) (initially called Super Mario 3D Land[1]) is a stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The stage is based as a whole on the game Super Mario 3D Land. When unlocking him in for 3DS, Bowser Jr. is fought here.

Stage Overview

The stage is a travelling stage that cycles through a castle area, a valley, a downhill area, and a water area, ending in a warp pipe that restarts the cycle. The castle and downhill areas have the players moving horizontally to the right, while the valley and water area have players standing on platforms that move into the background. The ? blocks spawn items when hit and have a higher than normal chance of spawning a Super Leaf.


This stage as a whole is based on the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name with each part of the level referencing levels from the game.

The castle area is roughly based around World 1-1 with changes to layout of the platforms and the platforms themselves. The area is also a lot closer to Peach's Castle than it was in Super Mario 3D Land.

The valley area's closest resemblance is World 8-2 in that both levels have steep rock cliffs with grass on top; however, the resemblance ends there as the level in Super Mario 3D Land did not have moving platforms (other than ones that move in a circular pattern) or gray rocks protruding from the cliff sides. The cliff walls are also more red than they are in original game. Other than World 8-2, there are no levels that resemble the valley area.

The downhill area is roughly based on World 4-1. In World 4-1 the player navigates through the level by scaling steep cliff sides with grass tops. In this stage, the design of the soil found on the smaller cliffs with grass have been retained, and the gray rock cliff walls seen in the background are designed around the taller cliff walls in World 4-1. The level also has trees with rounded tops, which were also retained in this stage. However, the goal of World 4-1 was located on top of a tree-like structure perched on top of the cliff which means the player is mostly going upward, unlike in this stage where the battle goes downhill.

The rotating blocks area comes from World 4-3, Special 3-2,and Special 6-4. While rotating block platforms originate from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, World 1-5 and World 3-5, the design of the blocks originate from Super Mario 3D Land. In the levels that feature the rotating blocks, the level takes place in the sky above clouds, but in this stage they're closer towards the ground.

The water area originates from a few different levels. The idea of players on moving platforms come from World 1-4, but the background and scenery of the stage mostly resemble World 6-1. The design of the moving platform; however, is different than from Super Mario 3D Land as the moving platforms in the game moved by the player standing on a side of the platform featuring arrows. The platform would then move in that direction by the two wheels on the sides along rails. The platforms in this stage do not feature the arrows and the wheels, and its movement on the rail is not based on the player, but instead moves automatically. This area of the stage also feature stage hazards called Skewers, which are spiked pillars that lunge in the direction it's pointing. Skewers first appeared in Super Mario World, and have returned in recent Mario games. In Super Mario 3D Land Skewers do not appear in either World 1-4 nor 6-1, but only appear in certain Airship levels, World 3-Airship and World 6-Airship. The design of the Skewers have also been retained. In this stage, Skewers lunge upwards from the water below as stage hazards.



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