1P Game

In Super Smash Bros. 64, the 1-player mode was the only single-player game where the player advanced from level to level. (there were however, two bonus game practices) Unlike in Smash Bros. Melee, where this mode became known as Classic Mode, there was a fixed order of characters that went as follows:
Level 1: Link
Level 2: Yoshi Team (x18)
Level 3: Fox McCloud
Bonus 1: Break the Targets
Level 4: Mario Bros.* (Mario & Luigi)
Level 5: Pikachu
Level 6: Giant Donkey Kong**
Bonus 2: Board the Platforms
Level 7: Kirby Team (x8)
Level 8: Samus Aran
Level 9: Metal Mario
Bonus 3: Race to the Finish
Level 10: Fighting Polygon Team Final Stage: Master Hand

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