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• 6h

SW2055's Christmas thing #2

What smash charecter(s) are in the naughty list and why. Last winner:dead ice. For last post and quote, go check yourself lazy
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• 8h

any news on toon link

please tell me what u think. no spoilers from world of light please. I want to know what y'all think.
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• 9h

WARNING: Daisy related question

Which of these character types is Princess Daisy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?





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• 11h

Potential spoilers for World of Light

Okay so I have made it to the sacred land in Worl of Darkness and messed up the owl torch puzzle originally but now whenever I try to set it on 12:10 nothing changes. Anyone know what went wrong?
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• 16h

StoneWhale2055's epic super-duper fantastic 17 days of Christmas #1

The other series that copied me is awful and boring and bias as hell. So here is my question. Best Christmas couple?
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• 16h

Which deconfirmed charecter are you happy got deconfirmed

  • Mimiku
  • Waluigi
  • Isaac
  • Shadow
  • Alolan Exucutor
  • Other (leave your answers in the comments below and I'l pick my fav-)
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• 16h
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• 17h

Ultimate Cover Art

I bought a pre-owned copy of smash ultimate and it didn't come with the original box. Can anyone find a printable inside/outside cover for the game online or scan the cover so I can print it?

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• 18h

My DLC prediction

Banjo and Kazooie, Min Min, Sora, and Papyrus
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• 18h

Just another funny artical I found
'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Players Have Cops Called On Them, What Happens Next Is Awesome
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• 18h

Final DLC predictions (Deadice Imma use these now)

Min Min
Banjo and Kazooie

It’s gonna happen and y’all are gonna see how right I am
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• 18h


Besides the fact that Galeem is the “Lord of Light” and “Ultimate Enemy” there’s absolutely no details about him. And that bothers me. Who is he? Where did he come from? What’s his goal? I mean, Tabuu had a trophy description in Brawl that gave us an idea of what he was and what he wanted. Why not Galeem?
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• 19h

3BlindMiceBreaker: Melee

Witch Ones are better: TV or Radio, Cats Or Dogs and Stop Motion, Animation or Live Action?
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• 19h


Footstools can be teched. This seriously limits some combos but at the same time looks really cool. Ex. Falcon: D-Throw->U-Air->Footstool->landing F-Air read. So in conclusion tournaments will be more hype but cool lock combos aren't possible anymore.
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• 20h


Can you seriously not edit in the app? This is stupid!
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• 21h

Which Ultimate Classic Mode Boss is the Best?

  • Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand
  • Galleom
  • Giga Bowser
  • Dracula
  • Ganon
  • Rathalos
  • Marx
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• 22h
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• 22h

The Ambiverted User's 25 Days til Christmas #9

Question/Challenge 9: What are Palutena and Virini giving Pit?


Previous installment:

Favorite reply from previous installment:

PSI Seven said:


A Simple Request - Brawl in the Family
A Simple Request - Brawl in the Family YouTube
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• 23h
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• 23h


I'm not getting the game till Christmas or shortly before then but how good is Sonic in terms of tier?
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