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I wanna point this out. DO NOT DISTURB ME ON FRIDAY! I’m gonna be a volunteer chaperone on Pacs field trip on Friday, so I won’t be online. Alright?
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If you like Joker In Smash, you are Loser person.

Sorry I just wanted everybody to see this.

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Funny/Stupid question time!

Favorite playable character in Smash overall? Mine is Kirby.

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Let’s make this simple. I’m new, and I main Pichu!
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I am new here and was just wondering what a good character to pick up first would be. I was thinking Falco. Any thoughts?
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Spirit Battles

What's your favorite Spirit battle, in terms of representing the character?

Mine is somewhere between Buzz Buzz, Guardian, and Yellow Wollywog.

Also... Paz Ortega Andrede... gives you a Bob-Omb...


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Best switch game to get for Christmas present for 4 year old

  • Oddyesy
  • MK8DX
  • Donkey Konga
  • Avengers Infinity War
  • Jake Paul the movie the game
  • Spider man ps4
  • Furry Simulator
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• 7h

StoneWhale2055's super-duper Christmas thingy

Who will be going out carolling this Christmas and what song(s) will they be singing?
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• 7h

What's your opinion on SSF2?

I personally think it's really cool. I main Captain Falcon but I think Pac-Man is the most fun to play overall.
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• 8h

I'm disappointed Sakurai

Daisy and Peach have virtually no differences in moveset! All major differences are purely aesthetical!

The "Differences" Between Peach & Daisy - Super Smash Bros Ultimate
The "Differences" Between Peach & Daisy - Super Smash Bros Ultimate YouTube
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• 9h

I like watching people's reactions of this :)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Everyone is Here! PART ONE (50th Reaction Mashup Special)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Everyone is Here! PART ONE (50th Reaction Mashup Special) YouTube
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Dear Administration and Discussion Moderators

I'm thinking about making a discussion on the Smash characters as songs I like. Will it be permitted or should I go over to Smashpedia After Hours with it?

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• 14h

The Ambiverted User's 25 Days til Christmas #13

Question/Challenge: Since we're technically at the halfway mark to Christmas, let's get started on planning the Christmas party. What is the best stage to throw this party?


Previous installment:

Best reply from previous installment:

Mudkip57430Cool said

Purple (male): Meta Knight

Purple (Female): Zelda

Light blue: Iggy

Pink: Ness

Green: Little Mac

Yellow: Toon Link

Dark Blue: Falco

Orange: Bowser Jr

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There be light cursing
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I have a couple of questions.

I’m not getting the game until Christmas, so I’ve been watching gameplay. Shulk looks super fun and seems to have a ton of combo potential, is this accurate? Also, do his Monado (Don’t know if I spelt it right) Arts recharge or not? And final question, about how long can he use a single monado before it runs out? Thanks in advance!
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Hey >:)

I’m the Inciniroar Gang/Squad founder. If you wanna be apart of the gang, you have to main, pocket, or secondary Inciniroar >:) Best of all, I don’t need to do anything but sign you up! 👾
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I know this is a dumb post and all, but it’s “ worth “ pointing out. Not. But I’m still gonna say it

Yeah, I’m new. I main Isabelle. Yeah, yeah, I have Ultimate and all that junk.

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Can anyone point me to an encyclopedia of ultimate frame data/move information
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